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Any help IDing these pants would be appreciated! The wool feels really nice but don't have much experience with pant labels. 
Nice haul! What size are these?
  it's a clever "little" joke  
Rather than create a new thread figure I'll revive this one. Anyone know who makes these,default,pd.html?cgid=mens-shoes&index=29# or have any experience with them? At this price and with a rubber sole may be good for rainy days this summer.  
The linked to post was fantastic, especially for someone who is learning why one suit is of a better quality than another. I didn't notice a "best of" or "top" posts type post or "new to this blog see these posts" type on your site, is there one somewhere?
My first Kiton spotting       Nice lavender stripes, but also some not nice collar stains. Hoping they wash out.
Thank you! Should have thought to check ebay will definitely check future finds. Picked up a Samuelsohn suit at another place that fit quite well but dropped it off at the tailor. Will post fit pics in a few days.
This may be my first Hermes tie, if it's real. Based on old photos in this thread I believe it is but given where it was found, at the bottom of a rubbermaid container at the store, I'm still a bit skeptical.           Also there is a Zegna tie that was found at the bottom of same rubbermaid. Got them both for 50 cents each so felt it was well worth the risk.   PS how do I spoiler images?
^^^^ Mark McNairy makes a whole line of PS with that same phrase:
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