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Can anyone recommend a nice (dark) green (twill) fabric for casusl chinos/pants? Irl pictures would be very appreciated. Thanks!
@luxire do you have any dark red/wine red/bordaux or chocolate or dark brown chino fabrics available?   Or does anyone here already has such trousers, then I'd be very happy about pictures and fabric recommendations.
Will there be a Cyber Monday special also this year? Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
Can someone tell something about the Light Sky Blue Chamray? Allround fabric? More for summer? Casual/formal? Are the flanels new? Do you think they are wearable with pullovers?
How long can I order (interested in the flanel shirte)? Does anyone already have a shirt made out of one of the first fabrics (twill flanel)? i suppose mainly for the cold season right? Also quite casual under a Pullover (merino?)
Which colour of the filson briefcase would you prefer? Which one is the most versatile? Which one gets the nicest patina? Otter green, navy or tan?
Which fabrics for a summer shirt would you recommend? I already have the following I live in middle europe and in the last years, summer means up to 38°C (or even 40°C). I was thinking of a linen or linen cotton fabric again. I ordered a seersucker shirt on my last order ( It's my first cloth made of seersucker. It seems quite...
 I can also only speak for the new copper chino. For me it is more a Spring/Summer fabric, probably also for warmer Fall days. Here in Austria where the temperatures go from 35°C in Summer (only a few days) to -20°C in Winter. I would have loved a fabric in the same color which is a bit havier and also wrinkles less, similar to the Navy Twill chino. Nevertheless it's a good fabric but for my understanding more for casual use.
 They look magnificent!Ist the upper left a cream flannel?When will they be available in stock?How much will trousers made of those fabrics cost?
How long are the turn-around times at the moment?
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