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 Same over here. It's especially annoying now, because I placed an order and want to add something I've forgotten to note when I've ordered.
I'm still trying to figure out what I have to change for my next shirt order. Attached you can find two pictures. One main problem I want to discuss is the big crinkle under my armpit. Where does it come from? Is it possible that this crinkle is because the back width is noticeable more narrow than the front measurement? The side seams run down more at the back than at the side of my body (I've tried to mark that). What do you think?    
 Thanks for the hints. You mean I should try to increase the "Half Hips" or "Hip Front Only" measurements right? I'll see how it feels when wearing when it is out of the washing machine.I also realized that this is probably the highest front rise possible but it is still ok I think. Yeah I also realized that it should be maybe a bit lower for my slim body shape and slim cut trousers. I also have already thought of reducing the cuff size. I'll see how it fits after washing....
I received my changed shirt and pants now from luxire. What do you think of the fit? I have to note, that the cloths are unwashed and not ironed yet   Regarding to the crinkles at the backside, I hope that will get better after washing and ironing.   My suggested changes are: Bigger armholes Right shoulder more narrow Decrease the waist-circumference even more (do you think I should change only the back width or also the front width to get rid of these crinkles at...
Hallo,   does anyone know the colour espresso of an John Smedley product? Is it brown respectively a dark brown or does it nothing have to do with a brown colour (more black or grey)?   Thanks!
Hallo,   does anyone know the colour espresso of an John Smedley product? Is it brown respectively a dark brown or does it nothing have to do with a brown colour (more black or grey)?   Thanks!
Which blue oxford cloth do you suggest for a OCBD shirt?   http://luxire.com/collections/oxford/products/blue-royal-oxford-80-2 http://luxire.com/collections/oxford/products/classic-blue-oxford http://luxire.com/collections/oxford/products/blue-pinpoint-oxford   Or do you suggest a totally other cloth?   Does 80/2 in the description of the first shirt mean Super 80 (80 meter of the yarn weight 1 gram) two-ply?
I'm looking for a new coat and found some beautiful covert coats on the internet. Which one of the following could you recommend me for best quality? It should be also were warm as it will be worn especially in winter. I normally wear 36 (L) but it's very hard to find one in that size. I searched a bit on the internet and found out, that some 38 could also fit. As I have a quite slim body (1,80m tall and about 67kg) the coat should be also quite slim and fitted (narrower...
Hi,   has anyone of you experience with the following covert coat: http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/men%27s-outerwear/Camel--slim--fit--Epsom--coat?q=gbpdefault||oc065cam|||||416,466,111,406,||||||||   What is the quality about? The only problem I see could be the size. They don't have a 36 which I normally wear. As the coat is a slim fit coat, the 38 might probably fit. Does anyone of you have perhaps this coat in 38? The shoulder width would be very interesting for...
I wear normally S or 46 German Size => 36 UK which i had ordered. I wear a shirt, a Pullover and a jacket underneath to test of erverything fits underneath (there could possibly a situation). I posted it also in an other bulletin board. The main opinion there is, that the trench ( or a trench generally ) doesn't fit my body type ( shape ). What do you think about this? Gesendet von meinem Nexus 4 mit Tapatalk
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