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 I can also only speak for the new copper chino. For me it is more a Spring/Summer fabric, probably also for warmer Fall days. Here in Austria where the temperatures go from 35°C in Summer (only a few days) to -20°C in Winter. I would have loved a fabric in the same color which is a bit havier and also wrinkles less, similar to the Navy Twill chino. Nevertheless it's a good fabric but for my understanding more for casual use.
 They look magnificent!Ist the upper left a cream flannel?When will they be available in stock?How much will trousers made of those fabrics cost?
How long are the turn-around times at the moment?
I have to ask now again if anyone has already pants made out of one of the following fabrics, or have swatches and can directly compare them. I really can't decide between them. http://luxire.com/collections/pants/products/linen_pale_grey_herringbone_pants http://luxire.com/collections/pants/products/linen_grey_pants http://luxire.com/products/linen-grey-chambray
 Thank you very much for the recommendations. Is Chambray always a lightwight fabric with a open weaving?Fresco is a fabric for hotter days (open weaving) right? Would you prefer fresco or linen?
Thanks very much for the recommendations! Could you also recommend a certain grey linen (or linen + cotton?) fabric? Is the stone brighter than the tan?
I want to buy summer pants and a summer shirt. I have already a (light) blue linen shirt and tan linen trousers. I thought of grey linen pants and a blue striped seersucker shirt. What do you think of that? Versatile cloths? @luxire: When will the http://luxire.com/collections/pants/products/linen_pale_grey_herringbone_pants be restocked?   Furthermore I want to buy a very versatile chino. What would you suggest beside navy, copper and...
I have a question regarding the Ray Ban Wayfarer. Is the quality of the older modles from the 1980 which were made in the USA really much better than the new models made in Italy? I saw that there are also new models with the G15 glass.
Luxire makes really amazing bags as far as I have seen. I got my leather trimmed holdall bag now and it's waiting for it's first proper use!   This leads me to my question. I asked Luxire if they could make tote bags (for men). I searched this thread and found some information. Luxire also said, yes, of course they can make. As I don't own one yet I want to collect some ideas. Does anyone already have a Luxire tote bag? If yes, pictures would be very much...
I'd like to hear your opinion about the following luxire order (shirt and pants). The cloths are out of the box so not laundered or ironed yet.   My opinion: Shirt: I think it fits quite well. There could be a bit less fabric at the upper back. I won't be able to get rid of the fabric which is too much at the lower back because when I reduce this measurement even more, the shirt won't fall nicely anymore. Or what do you think? Pants: With the pants I'm not that...
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