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I need a new pair of shoes and have been indulging in AE's lately- any chance of having another Forum discount on the Gryffin or Northampton in time for Fall so I can mix it up a bit?   : )
Can anyone tell me what, if anything, is special about AE belts to put them in the $100 range? Love the shoes, but I am a bit picky and looking at the stamped buckles and normal leathers I think I'm looking at maybe a 50 dollar belt when I look at them. I buy custom made belts in belting or bridle leather for less than this...   Any rebuttal, commentary? I am open minded but just have a disconnect...
I do not, but it looks a lot like the Chukkamok that I DO have, and love it- they are just extremely comfortable...    
What is the absolute best leather insole to put in good shoes? Or at least top 3 if there is no discernible difference? My AE's come with good bits as is, but my RM Williams have that annoying line across the heel transition that I just can't live with- any suggestions?
Thanks for all the responses on the tap soles, very helpful. Let me ask on a different topic-   Sent an email to one of the more well informed AE sales associates I have met, asked and answered below- any further information anyone can add about care and feeding for our beloved new leather color, Bourbon?   Me- (obviously nonplussed)     "Hey, I have a question for you before I invest in any more Bourbon shoes- how the HELL do I polish them?? I took my...
Does anyone make a habit of buying the Combination Tap soles, and if so how does it wear? Is it thin and when it wears you have to replace it, or does it just wear down then you're left with leather?   I am working and living now in the Middle East/North Africa, and all floors here are essentially stone or marble, so leather is quite slick actually. So I am considering an alternative...   Thanks for any input!
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