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What do you think about my Indochino Suit?   The wrinkles under the collar look more worse than it actually is. Its a little too bit much fabric there.    
Can someone help me with the armhole position of my remake suit.   Am I correct, if I think, the jacket shoulder does not match the natural shoulder? Should it be on the position of the green line?   Thank You.    
Increase jacket length, maybe 1" Increase sleeve length of jacket, or decrease the sleeve length of the shirt -  or make both Increase stomach size, when you think its too tight You can also decrease pants length a little bit I think
  I think the reason for the "bumps" on the shoulders is, that your shoulder measurement is too small. You will increase this bumps, when you reduce shoulder measurement again.
Hello VinnyMac,   Sorry my english is not the best at all, but I assume you mean a hunch posture like number 4. in this picture here? :       I think you could be right. I dont think its just too less material, because the suits on the models on their website are fit much more snug than mine, and there are of course no wrinkles.
has someone an idea, what could be the reason for the wrinkles at the back/neck ? not enough material?    
Thank you!   I have another issue: When I raise my arms in the air, I feel a strong resistance around the triceps area. Whats the reason for that? Is the armhole too small? On my current armhole, there is no room for just a finger between armpit and armhole. I read that it should be around two fingers.
Thank you for fast answer. What do you think about the jacket length? is it to long?
Hey Guys   Would you help me to adjust measurements? Here some pictures of my indochino suit:        
Do you have an "average" difference? Whats your preference for example? I have no idea.
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