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Alden SF has EE and EEE in 403 and 405.  Try the search by size tab on their page.
Gentry NYC posted a couple make ups including this reverse kudu.  Haven't seen speed hooks on recent offerings...   http://gentrynyc.com/collections/viberg/products/viberg-service-boot
Looks like Steven Alan is listing Aldens. Indys for $395.
PSA - One size left of Nigel Cabourn x Viberg at Barney's warehouse.  Also have the loden green chukka in a couple of odd sizes.
PSA - Barney's marked down the loden and tan chukkas to $339, limited sizes of course.   From the vibergboot blog: Chukka – Vintage tan, Dainite sole, 110 last, no hard toe Chukka – Loden Green, Dainite sole, 110 last, no hard toe
New Posts  All Forums: