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Quote: Originally Posted by m@T I'll stop you there. I know Tommy, have met him personally when he came to Vietnam a couple of years ago, and chat to him occasionally on IM. He has been a long-time poster but mostly terminal lurker here. He is not a sock puppet, a shill or anything of the sort. Last time I checked, he was a Georgia based med student. He has always been a CF customer of both shirts and ties (hell, I believe he was one of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by JensenH Give these guys a break. They are trying to make things right and are already starting to do so by all appearances. Wild speculations about Andy and Alex have secret interest in CF is just laughable. I ordered a few ties on Monday, and I got them today. Beautiful ties as always. I would definitely purchase from them again in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T good to see youre still around Tommy. IIRC they owed you several shirts and several ties, right? Pls keep the thread informed on how this is rectified in the coming weeks.... I have gotten all the shirts and ties that I ordered from them in late 2007. From my own experience, Chuck and Jill are great people. They have always been good to me. I placed an order. Will update the thread once I get it.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy You guys were always good to me, and I am not one of your dissatisfied customers. However, it seems to me that you guys are handling this all wrong. No one is at all interested in excuses and explanations if they are not accompanied by an ironclad guarantee to make things right. There is no need for a long post about cancer (sorry to hear about that, and hopefully, things are well), Audrey joining the military,...
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna Do you think he'll accept, my apology, to his canolis, or shoud I buy, some cream puff, and say how delicious it is? Why, do you, type, like, this?
The new one is not as "busy" as the old one. However, they are both nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti type 370: Jon. I rather buy a F430 and save the rest.
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz I suspect the price of shipping is so high due to the fact that G&G are employing a Swedish secretary at their GB office.
Where is the picture for this shirt? 164,165\tBorrelli\tCotton\tPink dress shirt I cant find it on your website.
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