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OK, who was it? Pepper Spraying Man Robs Swanky Union Square Clothing Store by April Siese April 29, 2011 2:25 PM A man with quite the passion for fashion robbed a high-end store in Union Square this week. The suspect was so fierce, he even pepper-sprayed a clerk in his pursuit of style. According to SFPD, at 11:44 AM Wednesday, a 40something male fashionista parked a "silver Toyota with paper plates" in front of a store on the swanky stretch of Geary between Grant...
The old saying is still true: "Everybody Likes Hampton Hawes"
Sounds very cool! I'm always fascinated by what happened before I arrived in my adopted home town- our barbary coast.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Sweet! I'll bring my camera and you can give me a lesson. Remember pink elephants are often moving targets. Use autofocus.
The warden has finally approved my furlough. See you guys there.
I had been harboring a hope of making it tonight but work sadly has dashed that. I'm still keeping the dream alive that I'll be furloughed for Friday. I expect to see a headline in tomorrow's paper about some stylish hooligans who trashed North Beach. Don't forget to tip your pole dancer.
Allow me to recycle some shots of Cable Car Clothiers. Shot for Ivy Style last year.
Very nice Nikka 12. The only Japanese whisky I've found here in San Francisco is Yamazaki 10 and 18, both decent, particularly the 18. Rita from the above artice:
Just a little beyond walking distance from Union Square in Civic Center- A good cheap Thai spot right off the Square is King of Thai Noodle House on O'Farrell St (between Powell St & Stockton St) next to Sketchers. Open late too.
The Rita Taketsuru Fan Club The romantic story of a woman still toasted by some as the Scottish mother of Japan's whisky industry By JON MITCHELL Special to The Japan Times In January 2001, I was riding a single-car train through Hokkaido ski-country when a blizzard swept in without warning and stopped us dead on our tracks. It was 11 a.m. but the snow clotted the windows dark and the wind rocked us so hard it felt as if we would tip over. The only other...
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