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I wouldn't go that far as there may have been some great stuff at some point but I would want to really check it out first.
I actually thought that this was a current thread. This all still applies. I wear a jacket (no tie) to a jeans and flip flops office and always get hassled. But the bosses tend to dress up more especially the lady bosses (like mine). The best advice in this thread was to keep it one notch above the rest not more.
I am still on my way, just got to the passable level, looking for a better tailor and going bespoke for the 1 suit I will need next month (but I had to go to another city). I now have a "something comes in, something goes out" rule but there is a lot of room for improvement still.  
A note to you guys using the new Ebay "add Import duties feature" most of us outside of the USA will not purchase an item with brokerage fees as the USPS is a much cheaper way to get things (which is why we also never use couriers). I'll pay customs charges myself rather than pay double to have some 3rd party expedite them.   DieuEtLesDames I almost bid on one of your items but they all use brokerage fees which rise with the price of the item which means a much...
I just ordered a bowler - thanks for those shots. You may have just given me the confidence to wear it.  
I'm Tod, in my mid 40s living in Canada and I work in high tech (software development, not IT).  I have recently lost some weight so I need some new clothes and as I have a lot more customer interaction I am going for a more grown up look.   I am married with a couple of school age kids and in my mid 40s so I am trying to avoid the "44 year old skateboarder" look which is of course how everyone around here dresses (not the big bosses and sales guys of...
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