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I'm determined to stretch out summer as long as possible. Strawfut.  
I have the Mora in bourbon and brown and they are probably my favorite AE shoes. They fit great and I get lots of compliments.
65 last shoe by any chance? A few of mine do that in the left foot but I've accepted it because my left is difficult to fit as it's 1/2 longer than my right so I figured maybe I get the lump in that shoe because it's not the ideal size for that foot.
90 degrees today so seemed appropriate to wear these. Brooks Brothers 7. Love the tassel laces.
 Great boots! Did those laces comes with it or did you buy separately? I'm still searching for some laces for my Bayfield boot and the flat laces I find are mostly too thick for speed hooks.
I'm a few days late but saw you guys were talking about a Heritage GMTO. I had these made up when the old MTO program was still kicking. I gave Allison an idea of what I wanted and sent her a picture from another manufacturer and she picked the brown you see here. On my invoice it's listed as: 1079 BROWN CALF WING, EYESTAYS, COLLAR, HEEL2424 BROWN SUEDE VAMP, QUARTERPORON INSOLEORANGE LINING LEATHERBROWN FLAT WELTLIGHT BROWN TRANSPARENT EDGE DRESSINGV-TREAD OUTSOLEWHEELED...
My GMTO merlot EC from Sept arrived in Nov with a tear in the leather so I sent them back just prior to Thanksgiving. Finally just got them back almost three months later and during my first lace-up a hook popped right off the right boot. I have an email into Allison. Not sure if it's easier to take it to a cobbler and see if they have a matching hook and let Allison know what it cost or just send them back again and wait. It looks like the hook just broke apart from the...
 If  you don't mind me asking, what size did you get from Benjos? Looks like 22, 36, 54 inch is what they offer. I was told by AE that the Bayfield takes 45 inch.
 Thanks, I'll check out Benjos. The ones that came with mine are far too thick and pop off the hooks regularly and are a pain to lace.
 I like those laces. The ones that came with mine are thicker and just don't work well with the speed hooks. Where did you pick those laces up?
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