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Anyone know what kind of insole these come with? Thanks.
 These are great. Details? Looks like some red leather on the back side? Thanks for sharing!
 I did a few MTO during the "good 'ol days" and a few group MTO as well but I don't remember a broadstreet order. Would love to see how some of those came out.
I was just about to purchase but I can't get an E width? That's disappointing. All my other AE shoes in this last are 8E so it wouldn't make sense to try another size. I could MAYBE get away with 8.5D but if they don't fit I'm out $240. Why no E?
I've never participated in a Meermin GMTO and I don't know how the ideas get on the list but this is a cool way to manage it:
It's supposed to be close to 90 today so figured I'd break these out for the first time this season. I don't see these on here often, if ever. Brooks 7. Love the lace tips.
Parkway today. I don't see these get a lot of play here. These are the most comfortable AE shoes I own but as you can see by where they crease, these are probably a little too long and maybe a little too wide. TTS I'm 8E and wear that on most lasts except 7.5EE on the 65. These are 7.5E. Does the crease location look silly?
 Well, inflation has been under 2% and even under 1% the past several years but point taken. The issue I have is that I started getting into AE shoes about 2.5 years ago when they were $345. They then went to $365, then $385 and now $395. That's a nearly 15% increase in 2.5 years. That's significant.
 I've been looking at the Sea Island loafers for some time because I want a for-summer suede loafer and they are perfect for that. But $300 for a casual loafer that can't be recrafted (as far as I can tell)? I'll probably pass. I keep checking the Shoe Bank from time to time but nothing in my size.
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