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I've never participated in a Meermin GMTO and I don't know how the ideas get on the list but this is a cool way to manage it: https://www.meermin.es/listaGruposMTO.php
It's supposed to be close to 90 today so figured I'd break these out for the first time this season. I don't see these on here often, if ever. Brooks 7. Love the lace tips.
Parkway today. I don't see these get a lot of play here. These are the most comfortable AE shoes I own but as you can see by where they crease, these are probably a little too long and maybe a little too wide. TTS I'm 8E and wear that on most lasts except 7.5EE on the 65. These are 7.5E. Does the crease location look silly?
 Well, inflation has been under 2% and even under 1% the past several years but point taken. The issue I have is that I started getting into AE shoes about 2.5 years ago when they were $345. They then went to $365, then $385 and now $395. That's a nearly 15% increase in 2.5 years. That's significant.
 I've been looking at the Sea Island loafers for some time because I want a for-summer suede loafer and they are perfect for that. But $300 for a casual loafer that can't be recrafted (as far as I can tell)? I'll probably pass. I keep checking the Shoe Bank from time to time but nothing in my size.
I have a similar question / situation to the recent post about chili versus dark chili on some Madison Parks. I'd been wanting a pair of Steen loafers so when they went on sale recently at the Shoe Bank I scooped up a pair. They were listed as "chili" so I grabbed them. They showed up late one day, I opened them in the morning, they looked and fit fine so I wore them to work. It wasn't until later in the day that I noticed they were in fact darker than I had expected. I...
 Thanks! I wear them a lot actually. They aren't overly flashy but just enough so that they get noticed and still work in a business environment. I get lots of compliments.
 When the MTO program was still going I had a heritage done with a combo of leather and suede (Allison even sent me some suede samples so I could choose) with non-golf sole.      @polojock615 I picked up a pair of those same Summit Aves shortly after they were a web gem. I've only worn them once (not because I'm against flashy - see my Heritage post above, I wear them quite a bit - and I also have the Strawfut as well as the Brooks 7) but because I don't find many things...
 If you don't want to wait until opening day you should give them a spin on Halloween.
Hi there. Most of my nice dress shoes are Allen Edmonds so I'm new to Meermin. I live in the US so I'd be ordering without a fitting so would like to get it right if possible. I'm sure in the 900+ pages here there's been several sizing answers and don't want to repeat what's already been asked so what's a good way to learn a little more about the brand besides there website and reading 900 pages?   In the AE 65 last I wear 7.5EE (US) and in the AE 511 last I wear 8E...
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