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Voted. @AdamAdam Calf only, merlot. Question: anyone know if this last comes in EE? I wear 7.5EE on the 65 last. Thanks!
I'd been waiting for the Mora (seconds) in bourbon to go on sale and as soon as it did I called but someone beat me to it and my size was gone. Brown was available at the sale price so I grabbed it. The next day another bourbon pair became available so I ordered it as well, telling myself that I'll send one of them back. At $189 I'll probably end up keeping both. The brown has arrived (still waiting on bourbon) and it's flawless. No idea why it's second quality.
  I was just on the phone five minutes ago ordering a pair from the shoe bank (the Wisconsin customer center number) and asked this question. She said a free return label would be issued and I specifically asked about restocking fees, etc. and she said there were none.
Many go down .5 size and up a width on the 65. I measure 8E on the Brannock and have found that 7.5EE fits me best on the 65 last. Like you, one of my feet is a half size bigger so one foot is perfect while the other a little loose but at the end of the day nothing a tongue pad can't fix.
Thanks. I'm 8E true-to-size but on 65 wear 7.5EE (Strand, McAllister). Tried 7.5E and my toes were cramped and very uncomfortable. When I saw these Strawfut on clearance I figured I'd give 7.5E a whirl since EE wasn't an option and they fit great. You're probably right - the linen loosens them a bit. Since EE is somewhat of a rare animal and if I had to wear E in all calf I think a little shoe stretch spray may do the trick but if EE is available that fits and creases well...
Figured I'd get some more use out of these before the New England summer ends soon. Friday seemed appropriate...
 I asked the same question a few pages back with no responses. I received a brown that is lighter than any I'd seen (darker than bourbon and walnut) than I'd seen on any other shoe. Allison nailed it as I sent her a picture from another manufacturer and she found the brown that best matched. Not sure if there's a way to see all the shades available.
 FWIW, there's a manager at my local AE store who is great so I like to give him my business when I can. Last year during this sale he matched Nordstrom's price on a shoe I was interested in so I bought it through him.
 I have these as well and they are one of my favorites. I love the saddle brown color. Glad to see I'm not the only one who gets the creases in the toe on these. Enjoy...
For anyone who wears 7.5 EEE I saw this truffle/cappuccino McGraw on the Shoe Bank website. Not my style and size but I understand it's a rare color so thought I'd post it here.   http://www.shoebank.com/FactorySecondInventory.php?STY=9844S&DIM=3E&SIZE=075
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