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PSA: I remember doing this last year and it worked out well. Make a small donation to a good cause (PinkStyle to support breast cancer research) and get a coupon good for 25% off one item. I don't live anywhere near Jeffersonville, Ohio so called and made an order over the phone, gave them the coupon code that I purchased online and they honored it. Not sure if AE is participating again. Save some money and donate to a good cause at the same...
 I understand. It's more of the inconsistent edge color because of the strip of black rubber between welt and mid-sole and then black heel. Not trying to be a pain. Just had a chance to check after several posts so wanted to toss it out there.
  So it looks like there are several that agree. Not sure if you all have currently agreed to purchase or just commenting. Once the numbers are final perhaps it's worth one more conversation to see if all involved want to make a change. Not looking to make extra work for anyone but could probably figure it out pretty quickly. If after consideration a large majority think changing the sole out makes sense, might be worth the conversation. I was just looking at the below and...
 Yea, I probably should have raised it sooner before everyone voted but this kinda happened quickly and I don't get to check as often as some. I'm sure they will be nice and if I don't like 'em I can sell 'em but thought I'd throw it out there and if all 12+ people went, "Hey, great point, let's switch it."...... then cool but if not...viva democracy!
I think what's been decided for the merlot EC will look nice. However, when I saw TJ's I thought "There's a great formal boot that I can wear with a suit". I feel like the final product is something in-between that's neither formal or casual. With the black Dainite sole you'll have a thin chili welt, then a strip of black, then a brown mid-sole then a black heel. Check AE.com for examples (search "Dainite"). On TJ's the eyelets are black which looked nice with the black...
@GOP, how did you size the EC compared to all the rest of what you own? Thanks!
   Thanks very much for the response. Before I commit, anyone else have an opinion? If the consensus is EE then I'm out. I won't have time to go get sized but willing to take the chance knowing that I could most likely flip them if needed.
Can anyone comment on the question a page or so back about sizing? I'm 7.5EE on the 5 last and 8E on virtually everything else. How would one size the EC?
I think someone asked for this recently. Left is bourbon. Right is brown. I typically don't like the bourbon color but on this shoe I think it really works.  Edit: indoors, no flash, natural sunlight through window.
I picked up this Mora 2.0 from the shoe bank and besides the pictured defect there's nothing else wrong with them. Since this is so close to the toe is there cause for concern? Thanks!    
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