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Thanks. Do you wear a single E on the 333 but in the same length as the 65? For instance I wear an 8E in most lasts but 7.5EE in the 65. What would you recommend on the 333?
     I appreciate the responses. Unfortunately it looks like everyone's mileage may vary. They don't make EE on the 333 so that's not an option for me.
I'm looking at one of the new clearance items in the 333 last. I don't own any others on that last but have AE shoes in several other lasts. Does anyone have an opinion on how that last fits relative to others and one's TTS? The chat support on AE's website suggested the same size as I wear on the 65. The problem is I wear EE on the 65 which is not available on the 333.   How does everyone else size the 333 compared to other lasts and their normal TTS?   Thanks in...
Someone was recently asking about chocolate Dalton pictures. Check out hespokestyle.com and thumb through several of his blog posts. He wears them many times with different looks. I have a pair myself and think they're fantastic.
A while ago on here someone posted a link to these insoles. I was about to order a pair but several of the reviews say they run small and to order a size up. Did anyone find that to be true? What size did you order compared to your normal foot/shoe size? Thanks!   http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001E5320A/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I posted this a few pages back but didn't see a response so thought I'd try again.   How do you all size the 3 last versus others (1, 5, 7)?   Has anyone ever seen a EE in the 8 or 2 last?   Thanks!
Two questions for you all... 1) How do you size the 3 last compared to 1, 5, 7? I own all of the latter and wear the same in 1 and 7 and go 1/2 size down and one width up in the 5. 2) Has anyone ever had a EE width in the 108 last? I don't see any on the site but I think that's what I need. Wondering if it exists. Thanks!
 Interesting. I guess each may vary slightly. I definitely hear what you're saying. I put them on again and definitely like them and with certain outfits, like the more substantial look. I'm not very tall and don't have large feet so the sleeker toe of the Summit Ave feels right on me.
     Cool. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong that I can find then.
I picked up a pair of BB pebble black MacNeil during the recent seconds sale. The only reason I can see that they may be seconds is that the leather on the toe of each is a little smoother than the rest of the shoe therefore the pebble doesn't show as much. Fine by me. My question...   The only other shoe I owned before this one on the 7-97 last was a pair of Summit Aves I picked up last year. The only difference that I can tell between a MacNeil and the SA is that the...
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