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Hey everyone,   I am thinking of buying a pair of Allen Edmonds "cheaper" shoes. i.e. the pair with the name "Upper West Side" for $175.   Has anyone bought any of the lower-priced Allen Edmonds' shoes? I am looking for feedback on the quality and comfort level.   Thanks for your consideration.
Hey everyone,   I am considering going for one of Allen Edmonds cheaper offerings - notably the "Upper West Side - Cap-Toe Lace-Up Oxford" men's dress shoe. Please see on the following link:   Does anyone have any experience with Allen Edmonds lower priced shoes such as this?   What is the quality and comfort level like?   Thanks for your input.
Hey everyone,   I have bought some fabric from an English company described as follows:   10 oz luxury worsted, 98% 3-ply merino wool with 2% cashmere.   I am wondering - does the weight mean it will last longer. i.e. will a 10 oz fabric last longer than an 8 oz fabric for example?   Does the above fabric sound like it would be a fairly hard-wearing, long-lasting fabric? (is the correct term 'hardy'?)   Thanks for your input.
Gordon Yao versus Peter Lee   Who is better and by what margin?
Hey everyone,   I have some fabric and want to identify the a high quality tailor in Hong Kong who offers a CMT service.   I tried WW Chan but they do not offer a CMT service. A pity because their work looks good!   I know about Peter Lee, but am just a little worried as some pictures of his work look a little sub-par and I want real quality as I am seeking a full canvass job. i.e. I don't want to fork out all that money for a full canvass suit and get...
I have to be honest and say that I have absolutely no idea if 2 percent cashmere makes any difference or not to a fabric.   This is the first time I have gone down the road of buying fabric and having a suit tailored!   Perhaps someone can advise what level of cashmere would typically be included in a wool/cashmere fabric mix?
*** Update ***   I have found out that the material is 98 percent 3-Ply Merino wool and 2 percent Cashmere. Does anyone know how much less hardy this amount of Cashmere would make the fabric?   Thanks again for your input.
I am so sorry to have to start a new thread..... for the third time!!!!   I am seeking advice on whether a particular fabric is a good quality fabric to have a suit tailor-made from.   The link I pasted in the previous thread does not work so I will have to write the description of the fabric.   The fabric is described as follows:     Description:  Luxury Worsted Navy with Royal Blue Pin   Weight:  300 grams / 10 oz   Composition: 3 Ply Luxury...
Hi again everyone,   I started a thread a few minutes ago asking if a brand called "Huddersfield Cloth" was reputable. After reviewing the website I think it is just a company that sells fabric from the Huddersfield area?   Anyway, I am thinking of buying some fabric and getting a tailor to make a suit with it when I visit Hong Kong in the near future.   This is the first time I have gone down this route!   The fabric I am considering buying is on the...
Hey all, my first post!   I am considering buying some Huddersfield Cloth suit fabric that is on sale.   Can anyone tell me if it is a reputable brand?   Thanks for your feedback.
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