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Vancouvers famous for this issue, I read about entire neighborhoods sitting empty there cause of asian investors buying them up and not actually moving over.
I'd probably go with some kind of chino's (they can blur the lines between casual and formal), maybe a gingham button down shirt and then a sportcoat.  No tie.  I think the key is to wear it in a way that looks comfortable, as if you were on your way to the family's sunday dinner.  Agree with the poster above me though, jeans is probably too far.
Actually Tumblr has been my best source.  Once you track down a few good users to follow you'll get all sorts of ideas every day.
I think you're on to something, but just my .02: lose the sideburns and get the back/sides trimmed nice and clean. Something roughly like this:
I use American Crew Forming Cream which is basically a slightly less shine version of the fiber if I recall (fibers blue lid, forming creams green)   I go for the same style and recommend either, my hairs naturally pretty straight if that helps too
This is in reference to the separating heal right? (got a couple conversations going on there) Reason is my Strand's have the same issue - and it's the must-have last as far as I know (fifth ave, park ave, etc), with a perfect fit.  Is this a common manufacturing problem or should I try squeezing into a half size smaller?
Anybody ever find their cigars inconsistent?  I bought a box of Hemingway Classics, and honestly every third one seems to be terrible.  Still smokable of course, but just not good at all.  Then I smoke another one a couple days later and it's fantastic again.  I can't tell if its the cigars or if its me, but those 2 that are good are *amazing*.
So I bought some shoes a while back that are the same color as AE's "Grey Cloud" (see pic).  I really like the shoes, but can't find anything I like to wear them with.  I just don't feel like there's enough contrast between the shoes and my pants when I'm wearing my grey or blue suits (which is 90% of my wardrobe).    So what colors would go best with them?  Or am I overthinking it and the shoes can be the same color as my clothes?  
Buddy posted this on my facebook the other day.  Some very good observations in there.  Some things (ie. unbuckled monkstrap and unbuttoned surgeons cuff) are simply trying too hard, IMO.  
Yep, the guy I bought it from seasoned it himself.  I went ahead and ordered the hemingways because I got impatient, but they won't be here for another week or so.  Gives me a chance to monitor the hydration levels in the meantime.  Hard part now is just figuring out where to put the thing, it's so beautiful   One question, I bought a box of the hemingways - is there any reason for or against leaving them in their own box within the humidor vs just moving the cigars in...
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