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Easy All, Well my MTO Acorn Eaton's arrived this morning (brilliantly shot by vchau76) & they are proper stunners totally made-up with the end result. Was a tad nervous about the acorn but they work a treat. Absolutely delighted with the finish if this boot. A tad bias but these are right up there for me as one of the best looking MTO's to date & agreed think Richard & theTeam will shift any additional pairs quickly....Don't Sleep!!! Thanks again to everyone that got on...
Does anyone have recommendations on polishes for acorn antique & also any pictures of acorn antiques that are a few months or years old, interested to see them Thanks
Hi All, I've passed everyone's details across to the Shoehealer who will be in touch with folk directly to confirm the spec and to also confirm prices & sizes. Cheers Everyone....great to see this one make it to production!! Best Dom
Brilliant to have everyone on board for this MTO and thanks to all for :Dhelping make this happen, the finished boot is going to look great, will pass everyone's detail across to Richard who will confirm the spec, sizes & prices.....etc in the not too distant. Cheers In summary, we will soon be the lucky owners of the following. Wear 'em with pride Style: Eaton no medallion Last: 4444 Fitting: 5 Colour: Acorn Antique Sole: Commando Sole Welt: Natural Welt Lining:...
I am fine with orange lining & pull-tabs. I think Ravn prefers orange as well but I'll let him confirm. Cheers All
Hi ravn, i hear where you are coming from - with the tabs & lining being the same. The order we place has to be the same for all - I'm not going to get too hung-up & don't want any decision to delay the order. Like you say tabs are easy to change!!! Let's see what the majority say !
Easy all, I''m away with ltd access so apologies for the delay in replying. By the looks of the recent comments, I think we have a full 6 without the shoehealer which is great, thanks to all involved its going to be a sweet looking MTO. It is a £100.00 deposit I'll contact The Shoehealer and get confirmation on the next steps & specs. Can those that are in & pulled the trigger PM me & I'll pass these on to the Shoehealer. Regarding the pull tabs & linings don't want...
Welcome aboard Ravn - they are a very nice looking pair of boots, cap is doffed on those!!! So confirmed we have Myself/ rainbowgrease/ heterophilous & ravn I know from reviewing the thread both ducky & ERIII where on the fence but hopefully the specs are in-line with what you guys wanted and could be on board? If you can let us know either way that would be great. Thanks all
Pretty much....Welt is natural. Who's in? Cheers
Not tied to green lining personally - or see it as a deal breaker, prefer orange to red. Cheers
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