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I'm going to grab some trees as well, thanks for the heads up. Does anyone have experience with their cashmere scarves, are these a good deal at ~$40 each?
I bet these are made by Crocket & Jones. The detailing on the toe looks the exact same at the toe of the RL Darlton Wingtip. Also the price seems like it would have to be Cordovan...you would hope.
Interested in any Black Fleece shirts that people are looking to off load. Size BB4. Any style/color, except for those with the rounded collar. Thanks.
I have always had the best luck with OxiClean products. Most recently been using their gel stick, rub it on a stain 15mins before throwing the garment in the washing machine. Has worked on everything I have tried it on (blood, vinaigrette salad dressing, red wine).
My BBBF OCBDs have shrunk in same manner as my regular BB OCBDs. In my experience all BB OC shirts (both regular and BF) tend to shrink more than shirts made of non-oxford material...but even then, they don't shrink by enough for me to size down.
Quote: Originally Posted by empirestate Is shortening at the wrist a half-inch that noticeable? Is there a general consensus as to what the cutoff is before one needs to short at the shoulder? Having just looked into this, I think the consensus is around .25 is the max you should shorten at a cuff if there is currently the standard 1.5 of space from the last button to the cuff.
To be honest, I am not sure who is at fault with the sleeve length issue. I had to rush out of my last fitting to get somewhere and I clearly overlooked the sleeve length when picking up the suit. That being said, there is no way, I would have been fine with such long sleeves during the fitting. Regardless, my tailor is awesome, I just stopped by his shop and he offered to bring the sleeves up at the shoulder for free. Having used him for a number of flawless jobs in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Have it taken in at the shoulder. A good tailor can do it and can do a fine job. Yes it is expensive $100-$150 depending upon where you and for the best in town tailor. I'm sure you can find someone who will do it cheaper but I would pay more with the tailor with the best rep. Is that a per-sleeve or total price estimate?
Quote: Originally Posted by mookid Greetings. I am to be attending a wedding; I will be in the groom's party and we will all be wearing black suits. I own a black suit. The top is tailored and fits well enough, but the pants are too baggy for my liking (almost M.C. Hammer-esque), and they have deep pleats. I think I would look sharper in slimmer, flat-front pants. My question is: do you recommend buying a pair of black, wool slacks and wearing them...
no need for another of these threads his casual looks are often ok in my opinion, i have never really cared for his suits/ties
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