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the marlow tassels in brown are one of my favorite shoes, they go with everything. i find them superior to the alden tassels, both in color and construction. the regular marlow loafers are also nice, but i don't wear them as often. this is the cheapest price i have seen these loafers sell for in a LONG time...i picked up a 2nd pair of tassels in brown and grabbed a pair in black as well
I feel like these should be pink in color or at least have some pink on them to really communicate the breast cancer message. And yeah, 15% is BS.
Every pair of CT shoes I have come across have been mediocre at best. There are several better options out there for sure. I have also cooled on their shirts. I used to think they offered a pretty good value, but the last three or four I have purchased have been significantly worse than those I had gotten several years ago.
Hmmm, I am not sure what happened with your order. I also ordered a Pullman (that needed to be ordered from Filson because Glen's didn't have it in stock) and even through it was delayed because they didn't have it in stock when I ordered, it arrived last week.For what it is worth, this was my first Otter Green purchase...and I love the color. I've got several items in brown and tan, but I'm thinking all my upcoming purchases will be in otter green.
Any chance of before and after pics?
Nice, I also snagged a Pullman at the Glen's sale. What color did you go with? I had trouble deciding, but decided to switch it up and try the green...got several items in the tan already.
Looking for a good quality travel case / holder for ties. Ideally it will be able to hold at least three ties. Willing to pay a fair price based on the quality and condition of the item. Would prefer the quality to be at or above the Coach/Tumi level. Thanks.
Sweet loafers in a nice navy calfskin. Retail price is $395. Construction and materials are fantastic. Size is 10.5 D. Fit seems either TTS or maybe a bit large. Brand new and will come with original box and shoe bags. Asking for $125 shipped (Paypal).
Gentlemen, thank you for the responses. Seems like I was sweating some small (largely unnoticeable) details. I'll be keeping the shoes.
I made a bit of an impulse buy and I'm seeking the forum's opinions on these... I was in need of a sleeker black cap-toe to wear with my slimmer cut, more modern suits (RL Black, Purple Label, etc.). Wanted the shoes to be sleek, but conservative, so I could wear them to work meetings as well as other events. I purchased these cap-toes in a rush because I loved the shape of the shoe and they were at a discount, but then when I got home, I noticed that the maker cut the...
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