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this is a beautifully aged filson pullman: anyone who was on the fence about the otter green should really take a look
Are you looking to use this as an airline carry-on? If yes, neither the large or XL duffel bags will work...both are huge, the XL could literally hold a body (or two). Even the medium duffel is too large for this when backed to the brim...but if you leave some room you should be fine.I like the filson pullman for as a carry-on on most airlines, especially when it is not stuffed. It is also a lot easier to pack and keep organized than the duffel bags I...
saphir renovateur
Does anyone have experience adding flush metal taps (like the ones B Nelson does) to any of their Marlow/Darlton shoes? I was thinking of doing it on my wings...maybe even on some of my loafers also.
I wear...10 in the penny9.5 in the tassel9.5 is the wingtips
i like boots, but i almost only wear them on possible bad weather days and as a result strongly prefer that my boots have a rubber solei have tried adding topys to dress boots, re-soling boots completely with commando or dainite soles, and purchasing boots that already come with rubber strong preference (and recommendation) is to purchase boots that already have rubber soles...topys don't do much when there is snow and ice on the ground, and resoling boots with...
even in normal time (not w/ the high volume of sales) RL sometimes takes ~48 hours to send the shipping confirmations...i wouldn't panic yet
are the black tassels cordovan leather or calf? i ordered a pair, but they might go straight back to RL if they are not cordovan
looks like a 257 in tan
When was your order placed? I ordered at 8:00am ET today, yet to receive such an email...but will feel a lot better when I get a shipping confirmation.
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