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Would take brown and/or black. Let me know.
Looking for a Seil Marschall LW Climbers Pack, preferably in blue or navy, but open to other colors as well. I am fine with a well used bag.
thanks, picked up a few shirts....shipping is brutal though
Anyone ever been to the Tod's sample sale? I could use some casual loafers or driving shoes...might check it out. ============ Tod's & Hogan 4 Day Sample Sale This is an excellent opportunity to attend Tod's and Hogan end of year sale. There are over 2,500 shoes, boots, and sandals in all sizes to choose from for both men and women. Every item is priced to sell. Price points include: All shoes $69-$149, orig. retail $395-$685 Event Begins: 12/8/2011 Event Ends: ...
any chance of a benjamin tuxedo in the near future? i'd love something with peak grosgrain lapels and a decently slim fit.
i didn't really like the wheeled extra large bag i had, maybe the large is better. the wheels added weight to an already heavy bag and when filled, the bag was almost always too heavy for even a checked bag (if you don't want to pay a fee). also, the thing kept falling sideways when it was being pulled, i came to the conclusion that duffles don't really work well with wheels...but again, maybe the large is better than the extra-large.
this is a beautifully aged filson pullman: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FILSON-RUGGED-TWILL-PULLMAN-BAG-STYLE-243-/110785012265?pt=Luggage&hash=item19cb4d2229#ht_534wt_952 anyone who was on the fence about the otter green should really take a look
Are you looking to use this as an airline carry-on? If yes, neither the large or XL duffel bags will work...both are huge, the XL could literally hold a body (or two). Even the medium duffel is too large for this when backed to the brim...but if you leave some room you should be fine.I like the filson pullman for traveling...works as a carry-on on most airlines, especially when it is not stuffed. It is also a lot easier to pack and keep organized than the duffel bags I...
saphir renovateur
Does anyone have experience adding flush metal taps (like the ones B Nelson does) to any of their Marlow/Darlton shoes? I was thinking of doing it on my wings...maybe even on some of my loafers also.
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