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The brooks one says it has satin covered buttons and aren't the buttons generally the same material as the lapels?
I saw this one when I was looking. The button stance seems a little high and the lapels most definitely look to be satin.
Thanks, that sounds like a really good option...I will keep an eye out.I hear you on the Blue Label thing, that has been one of my hesitations to shelling out the money for that tux...I wish they had a RLBL version which fit what I was looking for. Also, up til now, I've been open to both double vents or no vents, not really considering the venting as a decision factor. I know having no vents is the more traditional choice, but is it a mistake to consider double vents?
I'm in the market for a new tuxedo. Ideally, I am looking for the following: -one button -peak lapels -grosgrain instead of satin facings -semi-slim fit (though I have a good tailor to slim things up a bit if needed) I initially wanted to spend
awesome, wish these were my size
+1 I really like the Robert last. Wish the black punch cap toe was available in my size and would love to see the same shoe offered in dark brown...would buy both without hesitation.
i've got filson bags in all three colors and my favorite is the otter green
sorry if it was unclear, i am looking to buy also, to eliminate confusion I am looking for a US 10 or 9.5
Would take brown and/or black. Let me know.
Looking for a Seil Marschall LW Climbers Pack, preferably in blue or navy, but open to other colors as well. I am fine with a well used bag.
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