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Thanks, that helps. The Robert and Alcudia lasts look amazing.
Do you mind sharing what size these are? Your shoes look significantly more sleek than the pictures I saw when contemplating a purchase of Robert last shoes a few weeks ago....maybe I need to reconsider...or maybe your size 16's are skewing things a bit...
I received my cufflinks (design 16) a few days ago. They are fantastic and arrived just a few days after I made the payment. Thanks!!!
Looking for some footwear to go with a new tuxedo. My preference is for patent leather wholecuts...but I could also do somewhat conservative looking velvet slippers. I don't want anything too pointy.
Fantastic shoes, exactly what I have been looking for, but unfortunately a full size too small.
I agree, when I originally posted I didn't think there were that many options for RTW in peak lapel and grosgrian, but now that I have come across several, I'm inclined to reject the more expensive (+$1,000) options like RL and Ben Silver and pick the best of the lower priced options.Manhattan. If I got MTM/bespoke it would have to be
I spent some time looking at a few UK based options and came up with the following additions to my original list (keeping the same general criteria as in the OP): Hackett (~$505) Roderick Charles (~$630) Ede & Ravenscroft (~$850...w/ matching pants...
The brooks one says it has satin covered buttons and aren't the buttons generally the same material as the lapels?
I saw this one when I was looking. The button stance seems a little high and the lapels most definitely look to be satin.
Thanks, that sounds like a really good option...I will keep an eye out.I hear you on the Blue Label thing, that has been one of my hesitations to shelling out the money for that tux...I wish they had a RLBL version which fit what I was looking for. Also, up til now, I've been open to both double vents or no vents, not really considering the venting as a decision factor. I know having no vents is the more traditional choice, but is it a mistake to consider double vents?
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