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The Alcudia looks great.
PM sent on sweater
When does the Private Sale start? Should I have gotten something in the mail already? I have always been notified of private sales in the past, but gotten anything recently. i assume i'll need a code.
sorry if this has been covered already....but when do you expect to restock your offering of Benjamin trousers? thanks
curious...did you mean to say a 42 in the F last here? seems odd to me that you'd say a 43 U last fits, but 42 U last is perfect...i generally wouldn't consider shoes +/- a full size from each other to both work out.i know this is a carmina thread, but i'm trying to use some of the data points here to back into my correct vass F size. thanks.
I'd read this discussion before you decide to remove the topy because you think it is "bad" for the shoe: It appears that while some people don't like how they look, or don't like the "idea" of covering up a leather sole...most would agree that a topy is not going to cause any harm. This is both consistent with my own experience and in line with what has been communicated to me by a few longtime shoemakers...
factoria?? weird
Those cap toes look great! Which CJ/EG/Vass/Alden/AE last is most similar to the Forest last in appearance? Some pictures make the Forest last look a bit blobby, others (like yours) make it seem slightly elongated...and all the comparison pics I see are minimally helpful and just shoe it next to some other Carmina last I'm not familiar with.
i prefer to look of the zippered tote, but this does look like a good deal at that price
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