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Here are some good pictures of the Soho, they also seem to be for sale along with some of the other new models. http://www.onlineshoes.com/productpa...=m&pcid=114613
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf As I was on the need of a new pair of black oxfords for my rotation I ordered a pair of those Barker Vista. I have whitnessed the quality and lack of style of Allen Edmonds, so I'll post a report of the Barkers when I get them. I am looking forward to hearing what you think.
I think the "Cole Haan Collection" shoes are solid. I would never pay their retail price (sometimes pushing $400) but I have one pair that I got on a great discount which were made in Italy and have lasted very well.
A similar thread which might be of interest: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=51931
Quote: Originally Posted by tedbearz Don't forget you can price match to zappos! Do they do any sort of check for your size? I mean if Amazon only has size 7 & 8, will zappos match the price for my size 10.5? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Alphadave Link isn't working for me +1
Quote: Originally Posted by obiwan Not the same shoe. Agreed, and I find the Alden shoe to be more attractive. I don't like the detailing on the toe of the BB shoe.
I have decided to buy these Wing Tip Bal Shell Cordovans, but I am in no hurry at all. Could I expect these shoes to go on some sort of sale, say in the next year? If not, I will just purchase them now. Thanks http://www.theshoemart.com/cgi-bin/c...DOVAN&rpro=974
As I look at more coats, lots of them have Loro Piana Storm System, or some other similar Storm Protection thing. Is this something that I should consider looking for? Does it actually make a difference in hoe the coat handles wind/rain? And what brands besides BrooksBrothers have this material or something similar?
Tried a search, but didn't find too much. Anyways, I'm moving to the northeast and will needto buy my first real overcoat. I am looking to get a black or charcoal coat. It would be worn over just a shirt 50% of the time and over a suit the rest. Most important I would like it to be really warm and stand up to the cold elements. I would like it to cost about $650 or less. There was a 100% Cashmere Facconable coat at Nordstroms on sale for about $690, but it seemed...
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