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I am currently a college student so I don't have much $ to throw around, but these are the shoes I currently have. I don't think I paid original retail price for any of my shoes, so I am looking for some shoes I might keep an eye out for going forward. Also, I am graduating this year and will be working in Boston for a financial advisory company where most days I will be business casual, but ocasionally in a suit. My wardrobe is heavily caterd towards black shoes (ie: lots...
I used to be a 36 (have since lost a little weight) and as far as "mall" jeans go I have always had a lot of success with Joe's Jeans and COH. In Joe's I go for the "classic" which is a straight leg, and in COH I went for the "Evans" fit which I think is relaxed. I also think APC rescues would look ok on a 36 waist, but remember to size down to a 34.
I just got some AE Evanston's at the rack for $69, they appear to be first quality store returns. I am pretty happy with the find, they are a great shoe.
I just got some APC rescues. I gave this thread and others a look, but couldn't figure out these few questions. Any help is much appreciated. FYI, I have never worn anything except designer mall jeans so this is all new to me. Since I am not the biggest fan of the bunching at the bottom that occurs when wearing jeans with longer than usual inseams, I want to hem my APCs. Since I have not yet washed/soaked them how much should I build into the length for shrinkage when...
All Downtown (within about a 4 block radius): Marios Butch Blum Nordstrom Flagship There is also a Brooks Brothers, small Barneys, and a Nordstrom Rack downtown, but they are nothing special. I guess if you dont have them in your home town then they might be worth a look.
price dropped
Charles Tyrwhitt Superfine 180s Slim Fit Shirt Size is labled as 16.5 34 like all Charles Tyrwhitt shirts I think it runs a 1/2 size small, so actual size is closer to 16 33.5 This shirt is nice 180s material and retails for $225, but can often be found on sale for $149. It has been worn <10 times. PRICE DROPPED: Now $40 shipped! If it doesn't fit or you dont like it, I will allow returns at your shipping expense.
Here are some good pictures of the Soho, they also seem to be for sale along with some of the other new models.
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf As I was on the need of a new pair of black oxfords for my rotation I ordered a pair of those Barker Vista. I have whitnessed the quality and lack of style of Allen Edmonds, so I'll post a report of the Barkers when I get them. I am looking forward to hearing what you think.
I think the "Cole Haan Collection" shoes are solid. I would never pay their retail price (sometimes pushing $400) but I have one pair that I got on a great discount which were made in Italy and have lasted very well.
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