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If I need to get my APC rescues hemmed (and I just got them so they have never been washed or soaked) how much longer should I get them so that when they eventually get washed they dont shrink to too short a length. Thanks
Curious how tight rescues should fit around the waist (when you first get them). I ordered a pair, and while the legs were somewhat tight, the waist was close to where I would eventually want it. Do I need to size down one of two sizes? Do the legs get slimmer as I do so?
I just got my Rescues and I could fit both my hands through the waist. I had sized down two sizes, but I am guessing that I need to go down 1 or 2 more, correct? How much does the rise change when going from a 32 to say a 30?
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso They don't have them at Barneys or Blackbird? If not, you can order them through Tobi, they are an affiliate and a link to their site is at the top of this page. Blackbird, no. Tobi, called them apparently they don't have them in 32 now. (despite what their website says) Barneys, I didn't know they carried them, I will look into that asap. THANKS
PLEASE, does anyone know where I can get APC Rescues in size 32? I don't mind a higher (or non-discount) price, or shipping, I just want to get them now so I can wear them in before I start my job and can only wear jeans 1 day a week. FYI, I am in Seattle, so I am guessing that I will have to find them on the internet, but even that seems like mission impossible.
I am looking at the Alden Cordovan Wing Tip Bal Oxford, I wear a 10.5 D in the AE Park Ave. do I need to switch sizes for the Alden shoe? Or should I be fine with a 10.5 D in that as well?
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am going to keep a look out for some chukkas, a chelsea boot and a brown cap/wing. I really like RM Williams boots, but do the chelsea boots only come with leather soles? Having grown up in rainy Seattle, I have become a big fan of the functionality of rubber soles. (especially on non-dress shoes) I was also curious about a standard penny loafer. Are those out of style for people my age? I known my dad used to wear his every...
Quote: Originally Posted by andrewlef Get some oxfords in colors other than black. Think burgundy, oxblood, dark brown, chestnut, etc. Perhaps a 2 or 3 eyelet derby such as Vass London model. Maybe a monk or two as well. Also, some boots would be a good addition, a chukka or perhaps a chelsea. Alden is a good bet. You have enough black shoes, however, three pair of black captoe oxfords is more than most would ever need. Also, I would NOT wear the...
I am currently a college student so I don't have much $ to throw around, but these are the shoes I currently have. I don't think I paid original retail price for any of my shoes, so I am looking for some shoes I might keep an eye out for going forward. Also, I am graduating this year and will be working in Boston for a financial advisory company where most days I will be business casual, but ocasionally in a suit. My wardrobe is heavily caterd towards black shoes (ie: lots...
I used to be a 36 (have since lost a little weight) and as far as "mall" jeans go I have always had a lot of success with Joe's Jeans and COH. In Joe's I go for the "classic" which is a straight leg, and in COH I went for the "Evans" fit which I think is relaxed. I also think APC rescues would look ok on a 36 waist, but remember to size down to a 34.
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