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The shirt has been washed. I am curious about any changes I should make. I went with the "Form" fit (4"-6" Allowance), and it seems considerably tighter around the belly than my baggy Brooks Brothers and Thomas Pink shirts, should I switch to "Normal" fit (6"-8" Allowance), switch up some of the measurements or leave as is? I am concerned that if I were to ever put on even a few pounds I'd look like a fat ass in this shirt, but I admittedly have owned mostly loose...
I need to get my APC rescues hemmed, and I was wondering how much longer I should get them to allow for bunching and shrinkage come wash time. I have not washed them yet. To be more clear, if you were to to lay them down flat (no bunching) with a pair of regular denim jeans how much longer would they need to be? THANKS
Quote: Originally Posted by Jelly or Syrup how about you not hem them? anyway, does anyone know if APC twill pants stretch? What, they need to be hemmed they are far too long and fall below my shoes. Not sure what the point of your comment was.
If I need to get my APC rescues hemmed (and I just got them so they have never been washed or soaked) how much longer should I get them so that when they eventually get washed they dont shrink to too short a length. Thanks
Curious how tight rescues should fit around the waist (when you first get them). I ordered a pair, and while the legs were somewhat tight, the waist was close to where I would eventually want it. Do I need to size down one of two sizes? Do the legs get slimmer as I do so?
I just got my Rescues and I could fit both my hands through the waist. I had sized down two sizes, but I am guessing that I need to go down 1 or 2 more, correct? How much does the rise change when going from a 32 to say a 30?
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso They don't have them at Barneys or Blackbird? If not, you can order them through Tobi, they are an affiliate and a link to their site is at the top of this page. Blackbird, no. Tobi, called them apparently they don't have them in 32 now. (despite what their website says) Barneys, I didn't know they carried them, I will look into that asap. THANKS
PLEASE, does anyone know where I can get APC Rescues in size 32? I don't mind a higher (or non-discount) price, or shipping, I just want to get them now so I can wear them in before I start my job and can only wear jeans 1 day a week. FYI, I am in Seattle, so I am guessing that I will have to find them on the internet, but even that seems like mission impossible.
I am looking at the Alden Cordovan Wing Tip Bal Oxford, I wear a 10.5 D in the AE Park Ave. do I need to switch sizes for the Alden shoe? Or should I be fine with a 10.5 D in that as well?
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I am going to keep a look out for some chukkas, a chelsea boot and a brown cap/wing. I really like RM Williams boots, but do the chelsea boots only come with leather soles? Having grown up in rainy Seattle, I have become a big fan of the functionality of rubber soles. (especially on non-dress shoes) I was also curious about a standard penny loafer. Are those out of style for people my age? I known my dad used to wear his every...
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