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you nailed it, is it worth the trip? i have never been there
A friend of mine is trying to get me to go with him to some outlet stores, I looked online and while most of the shops looked uninteresting, they do have a ferragamo, hickey freeman, off 5th, and barneys outlet stores... can anyone with experience comment on if it is worth my time to visit these shops? I really don't need anything, but if I am likely to stumble upon some good stuff at drastically discounted prices I might tag along for the 1.5 hr car ride.
AE 10.5 D fits me perfectly, I have PA's, Evanston's and Belmonts and they all fit well. What size would I most likely be for Ferragamo loafers? Do they run the same as AE's? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian278 Shoulders are WAY too wide and you could stand to go down about 2" there. Otherwise it's reasonably good considering you've stated you prefer a looser fit. I would not go any looser or it will look sloppy around the chest and waist. If you want to get rid of any of that excess fabric in the sides and on the back, take them in slightly. Maybe you could lose .5-1" in the cuffs as well, but the sleeve length looks...
Quote: Originally Posted by sjmin209 Looks like you could use more fiber. hahaha, opps
The shirt has been washed. I am curious about any changes I should make. I went with the "Form" fit (4"-6" Allowance), and it seems considerably tighter around the belly than my baggy Brooks Brothers and Thomas Pink shirts, should I switch to "Normal" fit (6"-8" Allowance), switch up some of the measurements or leave as is? I am concerned that if I were to ever put on even a few pounds I'd look like a fat ass in this shirt, but I admittedly have owned mostly loose...
I need to get my APC rescues hemmed, and I was wondering how much longer I should get them to allow for bunching and shrinkage come wash time. I have not washed them yet. To be more clear, if you were to to lay them down flat (no bunching) with a pair of regular denim jeans how much longer would they need to be? THANKS
Quote: Originally Posted by Jelly or Syrup how about you not hem them? anyway, does anyone know if APC twill pants stretch? What, they need to be hemmed they are far too long and fall below my shoes. Not sure what the point of your comment was.
If I need to get my APC rescues hemmed (and I just got them so they have never been washed or soaked) how much longer should I get them so that when they eventually get washed they dont shrink to too short a length. Thanks
Curious how tight rescues should fit around the waist (when you first get them). I ordered a pair, and while the legs were somewhat tight, the waist was close to where I would eventually want it. Do I need to size down one of two sizes? Do the legs get slimmer as I do so?
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