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Quote: Originally Posted by trex I have done it. It might looks slightly weird, but with two well positioned buttons in there you can totally pull it off. If you are willing to share, I am curious as to how much this cost?
I have acquired a pair of the black lug sole version. Still looking for the leather sole version in black or brown, and/or the brown sole version with the lug sole.
unfortunately i have had them for a long time, i think they arrived in oct/nov 08. so yeah, its my fault for not getting in touch with them earlier. i will however say that for the 3 or 4 shirts i have gotten from them with regular cuffs they have been the correct length.
I had 3 Jantzen shirts made awhile back, and unfortunately the french cuffs are about 1-1.5cm too short. Anyways, I was wondering if it is possible to add a cm to the sleeve length by unfolding the french cuffs then having them cut and shortened, making it essentially a longer sleeve barrel cuff shirt. Is this even possible? Any idea on how much it would cost? I am not interested in spending too much money on these since they are not very expensive shirts to begin...
Hi there. I am trying to pick up some classic gucci horsebit loafers. Size 9.5D I would be interested in both brown or black, and both the leather sole or lug sole styles, but do not want anything in suede. I am open to new, like-new, or used condition shoes...as long as the price is fair. That being said, I am not looking for vintage-style shoes, and would prefer shoes that are identical, or resemble the style sold by gucci today. In case there is any confusion,...
i recently tried on both....for me the the clarks were a better fit. the tapering of the milano seemed a little off.
i have this bag: http://www.coach.com/content/product...oduct_no=10714 in black the version shown in the link is an updated version of the bag i purchased 2 years ago. i actually prefer the look of my bag more...and can send pictures to you....but it does have the same general look as the current model so let me know if its even of interest. the main different is the buckles. also...even though i purchased the bag 2 years ago, it has probably been used <20 times...
while I wont wear it often, it will hopefully make appearances for a number of holiday seasons going forwards.
So for the last few holiday seasons, the younger folk at our holiday parties finds it fun to have somewhat obnoxious holiday attire. Last year I busted out the red tartan pants and matching red vest. This year I am looking to find a chirstmas sweater to go with the outfit. Something with a nordic pattern, maybe some large snow flakes, probably red in color...also probably some sort of thick wool weave. Not looking for some cheap sweatshirt with a picture of a reindeer...
thanks for the info guys, hickey freeman and ferragamo sound interesting been to a few BB outlets, but never seen much non-346 stuff, the prospects of black fleece items being mixed in is intriguing sounds like its at least worth making the trip
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