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Ben, Apologies if you have already mentioned this...but when do you expect to have a restock of the Benjamin pants? Also, can you confirm what size pants ship with the 40r classico suit?...those fit me perfectly.
For me....42 in Vass F fits similar to 9.5 D in AE Park Ave --- I would suggest you get a 41.5
i am not sure if the figures you mention are in reference to just a base salary, or to all-in compensation, but i think either way they are off (too high for base only, too low for all-in).
What size are these?
I think it might be over, but I am not sure.Shoe trees were $7.50, and you could get $10 off the total order (above $50) w/ FATW10 and free shipping with SHIPJULY.
Some of my Filson stuff... top to bottom: pullman - otter green medium duffel - tan zipperd tote - brown medium duffel (2) - otter green small duffel- otter green 257 - brown suit cover - tan trying to unload both of the tan bags, med duffel is near perfect (only used twice...bottom is just a tad dirty, otherwise like new) and suit cover is in good condition, used maybe ten times...PM me if interested
shoe trees arrived today, let the plate flipping begin..
I feel the same way I hope I can figure our a way to snap off the name plate....I ordered 4 pairs of trees, had to at that price.
Dead for me also and I have a fucking meeting in 20min...hopefully it comes back quick.
Having been to the Seattle store/factory several times, I don't think it is really the type of place you can just take something for an on-the-spot immediate repair, but I may be wrong.The Seattle Filson is essentially a flagship store attached to the factory. There aren't really a lot of items/people going back and forth between the two, it is more just a store with a large window looking into the factory. The factory part sometimes has a lot of people working in it and...
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