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I lived in Boston briefly Cant help with the tailor, but for a cobbler Waban Shoe Repair is your best bet; the next best is the guy in harvard square...forgot his name, but it cant be hard to find
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff I would also be very interested in hearing more about cheap loafer options. I've been wearing these: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...or=British-tan and they've been just fine for me, but the soles are worn out. (I suspect that mine are corrected grain, but I don't know whether they have the "new, shiny finish" advertised for the current model. They're not beautiful, but the leather isn't too bad looking,...
are these the parklands?
I have both the evanston and melrose. Go with the melrose, much more versatile, comfortable, and I have gotten a decent amount of complements on them. I actually have rubber sole protectors on mine, adding even a little more versatility when it is a little wet outside. As an added note, I have a bit loafer from AE, not the Burbank, but the Verona....I like it alot, might be another option to consider. Those are the most comfortable of any AE shoe I have ever owned.
Quote: Originally Posted by Style Guy 21 Being a younger guy myself I think I can speak for my group by saying that pleats not even an option. If you are reasonably skinny I think there is no reason to wear pleats. I wouldn't even consider buying a pair. I don't think it is just a trend either. It'll be here to stay. I am 23, and I pretty much only wear dress pants with pleats. My chinos/khaki pants are flat front though.
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek Doesn't Amazon almost always have lower proces for the same stock? Might want to check there. Yes, but no free overnight shipping.
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3031/...5c52b2.jpg?v=0 I can't tell, but I like them. Do they still make them? The picture was titled Allen Edmonds Hinsdale, but I was under the impression that the Hinsdale was a Oxford.
Quote: Originally Posted by KBW V V is pretty low quality throughout most of their line. They are geared 100% towards college/hs students. I wore vineyard vines while in college a few years ago. Hardly wear it now, maybe a pair of shorts or a hat or something during the summer. Their stuff is not great quality for the price, Polo/Brooks Brothers is much better. Have you ever taken a look at the vineyard vines blazer....a complete joke.
Quote: Originally Posted by 69clyde I have a pair that I use as beater shoes; quick run to the store or a very casual outfit and I am very happy. They take a good shine and as stated, very durable. I don't dress them up, because I don't believe they can be. Mine are made in El Salvador. What color did you pick up?
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey I doubt they are made in the US, but I don't know. I have been looking for decent loafers that are "just like Bass Weejuns" for a while now. If Bass has a better Weejun, I want to try it. Per endless they are made in Brazil. I would be interested in finding out what people think of these. I too have wanted to give Bass Weejuns a try but have been scared away by peoples claims of lousy quality. I...
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