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I am purchasing two shoes...both in some sort of darker brown, or color 8. 1. Workhorse, wear often, shoe for work. Likely a full-strap slip-on loafer or a wing tip bal. 2. I also will be purchasing a pair of boots. It is important that they do not have a leather sole, but other than that I haven't thought too much about what style boot. I was thinking originally of an Indy Boot by Alden (available in both calf and cordovan) or maybe a more stylish chelsea, chukka or...
Any idea? They say "Bench Made in Italy" on the inside. I do not own the shoes linked, but purchased a similar pair online for $45 http://www.webstore.com/499-Ralph-La...uction_details
For my dress pants (wool) I find that single pleat pants with a cuff look best on me. So two questions... 1. Where do you find decent single pleat pants at a reasonable (<$250) price? I have never been big into fancy pants so I have generally just gotten pants at Brooks Brothers...problem...they seem to only have flat front and double pleated pants. 2. Almost all the single pleat pants I have acquired thus far are parts of suits...is there some rule that...
I tried the raw denim thing...thought it was stupid. I went back to regular designer jeans, my go-to's are Joe's Jeans because their classic cut fits me perfectly.
At retail prices, no, you will not find shoes better than Allen Edmonds at a cheaper price.
Not sure if the OP is wearing a suit to work everyday, but if he is not..... I have worked at two investment banks and at a large consulting firm....you will stick out if you wear black cap-toes everyday (like some here have suggested)....virtually all analysts and associates in NYC and Greenwich wear loafers, mostly black, sometimes brown; bit loafers are common also. I am not saying I agree with this, but it is what you will experience. I actually had an MD tell me to...
Looking to purchase some brown dress shoes. I am a 10.5 D in Allen Edmonds and most other makes. Would consider both oxfords or loafers, all I ask is for them to be decent quality, fairly priced, and conservative looking.
I lived in Boston briefly Cant help with the tailor, but for a cobbler Waban Shoe Repair is your best bet; the next best is the guy in harvard square...forgot his name, but it cant be hard to find
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff I would also be very interested in hearing more about cheap loafer options. I've been wearing these: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...or=British-tan and they've been just fine for me, but the soles are worn out. (I suspect that mine are corrected grain, but I don't know whether they have the "new, shiny finish" advertised for the current model. They're not beautiful, but the leather isn't too bad looking,...
are these the parklands?
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