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Quote: Originally Posted by g-double Can you stack a corporate discount on top of the 15% to get 30% off? A SA recently told me it wasn't possible, but I seem to remember reading that people have had success doing just that. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, G I have had nice sales associates stack discounts for me...but I wouldn't count on it, i think my experience was just a random act of kindness.
When is the next brooks brothers 20, 25, 30% off sale? I have a number of things I am looking to pick up, none are immediate needs...but if there isn't a sale on the horizon I might just go grab them now. Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I am normally a 9D. I bought 9D. I tried on 8.5D and it was way too small. Well, I am a 10.5D in every shoe I own (including other Peals) and I sized down to 10 for these boots. They fit well, even with thick hiking socks.
Anyone got an estimate on price to get a commando sole added by Alden? how about getting a dianite sole added by B. Nelson?
I have a pair of Alden Cordovan boots that were purchased with leather soles. With the durability and thickness of the leather, I have found that I tend to wear (or want to wear) these boots most often when the weather is bad...rain, wet pavement, light snow...but nothing crazy. Anyways, I wanted to know both how difficult it would be and how much it would cost to get commando soles on my boots rather than the current leather soles? I am not interested in thin rubber...
Quote: Originally Posted by Coler I think the one in the link is pretty meh. If you can get past a little bit of the pretentions of this site, I really like their wallets - I have the coat wallet which I use at work (suited environment & holds more cards) and the magnetised clip at the weekends (nope just can't bring myself to call 'em by their eh names) : no offense, but i find the wallets it your link...
thanks for the input the thing i liked about it is that is seems like it will be pretty slim (only a few card holders, one cash pocket, no coin thing and unlined)...i generally want to keep my wallet thin but don't want to convert to a money clip, cardholder or one of those ridiculous "thinnest wallet in the world" things. so if this does the job, and is made of decent leather with ok will work well to the points of it not really being anything...
Was thinking about this in Tan: Is it a good deal at this price point? How are BB/Peal wallets? I don't want to spend >$100 on a wallet.
Cedarville would be great if they actually sent all the items ordered or packaged them in an appropriate manner. I did not receive all my items and have not heard from them despite sending a note to customer service.
are these flat front, single pleat or double pleat?
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