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thanks for the input the thing i liked about it is that is seems like it will be pretty slim (only a few card holders, one cash pocket, no coin thing and unlined)...i generally want to keep my wallet thin but don't want to convert to a money clip, cardholder or one of those ridiculous "thinnest wallet in the world" things. so if this does the job, and is made of decent leather with ok craftsmanship...it will work well to the points of it not really being anything...
Was thinking about this in Tan: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lt_color=Black Is it a good deal at this price point? How are BB/Peal wallets? I don't want to spend >$100 on a wallet.
Cedarville would be great if they actually sent all the items ordered or packaged them in an appropriate manner. I did not receive all my items and have not heard from them despite sending a note to customer service.
are these flat front, single pleat or double pleat?
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander I personally cant stand button down collars with ties, it just looks "off" to me. Button downs are more for casual use IMO. my feelings as well
well that was a slaughter, peal it is thanks guys
Can't decide. In dark brown, at the shown prices.... 1. AE Fifth Ave, $279 http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline..._category_rn=0 2. Peal & Co. Captoe Bulcher, $187.20 http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lor=Dark-brown I currently have no similar shoes, been looking for a standard brown dress shoe to wear with navy pants and suits. THANKS
Looking for OCBD shirts. I am open to all colors and brands. For sizing, I generally wear 15.5 to 16.5, with 34.5-35 sleeve length. For more context, I generally wear 40-41R coats. I do not want anything that is too roomy, but I do not need anything super slim either. BB slim fit works well for me. I am not interested in anything with holes or stains. THANKS
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Have a tailor remove the smaller 2nd pleat by absorbing it into the larger pleat. If the pleat is 1" you could easily add a small dart (1/2") under the larger pleat and deepen the large pleat by 1/4" consuming the extra inch. It would actually improve the fit and look of the main pleat if executed properly. This is not a time consuming job. Should not cost much. on of the biggest reasons i prefer 1 pleat to...
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto I always purchase 2 shoes at a time, highly recommended. Kidding aside, when you say workhorse shoes, remember that shoes should not be worn on consecutive days. For the use you describe, the Alden Indy sounds like a good choice. What sort of clothes will you be wearing with these? Have you checked out the WAYWRN thread pinned at the top of this forum? Yeah i don't have a ton of shoes, but i have enough to...
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