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Was thinking about this in Tan: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lt_color=Black Is it a good deal at this price point? How are BB/Peal wallets? I don't want to spend >$100 on a wallet.
Cedarville would be great if they actually sent all the items ordered or packaged them in an appropriate manner. I did not receive all my items and have not heard from them despite sending a note to customer service.
are these flat front, single pleat or double pleat?
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander I personally cant stand button down collars with ties, it just looks "off" to me. Button downs are more for casual use IMO. my feelings as well
well that was a slaughter, peal it is thanks guys
Can't decide. In dark brown, at the shown prices.... 1. AE Fifth Ave, $279 http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline..._category_rn=0 2. Peal & Co. Captoe Bulcher, $187.20 http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lor=Dark-brown I currently have no similar shoes, been looking for a standard brown dress shoe to wear with navy pants and suits. THANKS
Looking for OCBD shirts. I am open to all colors and brands. For sizing, I generally wear 15.5 to 16.5, with 34.5-35 sleeve length. For more context, I generally wear 40-41R coats. I do not want anything that is too roomy, but I do not need anything super slim either. BB slim fit works well for me. I am not interested in anything with holes or stains. THANKS
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Have a tailor remove the smaller 2nd pleat by absorbing it into the larger pleat. If the pleat is 1" you could easily add a small dart (1/2") under the larger pleat and deepen the large pleat by 1/4" consuming the extra inch. It would actually improve the fit and look of the main pleat if executed properly. This is not a time consuming job. Should not cost much. on of the biggest reasons i prefer 1 pleat to...
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto I always purchase 2 shoes at a time, highly recommended. Kidding aside, when you say workhorse shoes, remember that shoes should not be worn on consecutive days. For the use you describe, the Alden Indy sounds like a good choice. What sort of clothes will you be wearing with these? Have you checked out the WAYWRN thread pinned at the top of this forum? Yeah i don't have a ton of shoes, but i have enough to...
I am purchasing two shoes...both in some sort of darker brown, or color 8. 1. Workhorse, wear often, shoe for work. Likely a full-strap slip-on loafer or a wing tip bal. 2. I also will be purchasing a pair of boots. It is important that they do not have a leather sole, but other than that I haven't thought too much about what style boot. I was thinking originally of an Indy Boot by Alden (available in both calf and cordovan) or maybe a more stylish chelsea, chukka or...
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