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I have a pair of Gucci shoes stamped "43 EJ" on the bottom...they fit me well, but I purchased them from a buddy. I am trying to figure out what US size these shoes translate to. First issue is that I can't seem to find out what "EJ" stands for...is it some sort of width measurement? Second issue is that I am finding conflicting reports as to what the 43 means, does 43 translate to a 9.5? Thanks
Size 42, Navy color brand new, no flaws...tags still attached got this as a gift but waited too long so i can't return
I am a true 41r so I fall between the two sizes. For the beaufort I size up to 42r. This works well. Since this is a longer coat that can be worn over a blazer, the added room comes in handy. When I am wearing just a shirt underneath, I have still not found the 42 to be large or boxy...I think this is because the coat is heavy material that falls/drapes nicely. For the bedale I size down to 40r, this is a shorter coat that you can't really wear over a blazer. Also...
Quote: Originally Posted by g-double Can you stack a corporate discount on top of the 15% to get 30% off? A SA recently told me it wasn't possible, but I seem to remember reading that people have had success doing just that. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, G I have had nice sales associates stack discounts for me...but I wouldn't count on it, i think my experience was just a random act of kindness.
When is the next brooks brothers 20, 25, 30% off sale? I have a number of things I am looking to pick up, none are immediate needs...but if there isn't a sale on the horizon I might just go grab them now. Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I am normally a 9D. I bought 9D. I tried on 8.5D and it was way too small. Well, I am a 10.5D in every shoe I own (including other Peals) and I sized down to 10 for these boots. They fit well, even with thick hiking socks.
Anyone got an estimate on price to get a commando sole added by Alden? how about getting a dianite sole added by B. Nelson?
I have a pair of Alden Cordovan boots that were purchased with leather soles. With the durability and thickness of the leather, I have found that I tend to wear (or want to wear) these boots most often when the weather is bad...rain, wet pavement, light snow...but nothing crazy. Anyways, I wanted to know both how difficult it would be and how much it would cost to get commando soles on my boots rather than the current leather soles? I am not interested in thin rubber...
Quote: Originally Posted by Coler I think the one in the link is pretty meh. If you can get past a little bit of the pretentions of this site, I really like their wallets - I have the coat wallet which I use at work (suited environment & holds more cards) and the magnetised clip at the weekends (nope just can't bring myself to call 'em by their eh names) : http://www.braithwaitewallets.com/ no offense, but i find the wallets it your link...
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