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Thanks for all the help guys. An overwhelming majority in favor of the RL Darlton Wingtips...I'll be purchasing a pair shortly.
Quote: Originally Posted by marco_rol You're only 24 and you're going to buy cordovan wingtips? My hat's off to you young sir. This is actually a concern of mine. Am I too young to be wearing wingtips to the office? Also, every picture I see of the Darlon wingtips (image search & RL website) has them paired with more casual pants like chinos, jeans, etc., but I only wear wool dress slacks (mostly single pleated with a cuff) to work....will...
A lot of love for the Darlton wing tips. Are they true to size? I wear 10.5D in allen edmonds, and 10D on the alden aberdeen and plaza lasts for reference.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Buy the Dalton cordovan wingtip or the tassel loafer. Pennies are a bit informal for the office...(i know, i know)/ The cordovan is included in the sale. So you'd consider the wingtips more formal than the alden full straps? I wouldn't wear either with a suit, but since the wingtips aren't balmorals i found them to be pretty casual looking.
Really slow day at work and I'm having an unusually tough time deciding which of these shoes to purchase. I want to get a dark brown cordovan shoe to wear primarily with navy and light grey wool slacks at work, but also the occasional pair of chinos outside of the office. These will never really be worn with a suit. Assuming the current Ralph Lauren sale applies to cordovan shoes (I haven't tested this yet), all the shoes are relatively the same price. Option 1:...
Quote: Originally Posted by Da Luis Vuitton Don links brings me to a login screen.... damn, let me see if i can fix that...or just post the picture
I really like these shoes, but would prefer a version without the white rubber sole....any ideas? Would be nice to keep it under $300. Thanks
i never pay full retail for shoes, except for shell cordovan which are hard to find on sale anywhere
My understanding is that the sizing on these can be inconsistent, but I am a true 10.5 D, so anything that will fit me regardless of what size is stamped I would be interest in.
Looking to add some more Hermes ties to my collection, particularly the ones with whimsical designs. Open to all colors, but don't want anything too old or damaged.
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