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Quote: Originally Posted by Da Luis Vuitton Don links brings me to a login screen.... damn, let me see if i can fix that...or just post the picture
I really like these shoes, but would prefer a version without the white rubber sole....any ideas? Would be nice to keep it under $300. Thanks
i never pay full retail for shoes, except for shell cordovan which are hard to find on sale anywhere
My understanding is that the sizing on these can be inconsistent, but I am a true 10.5 D, so anything that will fit me regardless of what size is stamped I would be interest in.
Looking to add some more Hermes ties to my collection, particularly the ones with whimsical designs. Open to all colors, but don't want anything too old or damaged.
The full-straps are the only loafers I ever wear with a suit (and I do it regularly), so yes I do think they are a step up in formality. As another poster mentioned, i think this has less to do with the strap, and more to do with the shape and profile of the shoe. Though I wear all kinds of loafers regularly, I will never wear LHS, penny, horse-bit, etc. loafers with a suit. My full straps might be my favorite shoes actually, I find the style to be very versatile,...
Quote: Originally Posted by TGPlastic Thanks for the inputs. I'm really looking for the lower end stuff...maybe sub-$50. My OCBDs are my casual and jail-wear shirts. They're disposable. They get beat up. They shouldn't look too nice. I used to get LL Bean OCBDs that I really loved. Seems like they declined in quality a while back. Somebody must make a decent OCBD to fit a perfect rack 16 neck and 34 sleeve. I'm like a mannequin. Eexcept for my...
add me to the group that wouldn't wear them with a suit the only loafers i find looking ok with a suit are the alden full-straps (or similar bb model)
Quote: Originally Posted by 89826 Exactly the same shoe. Burgundy is color #8. I have owned about 8 pairs of the BB version; own 2 pairs now. Why so many pairs? I thought Cordovans lasted a lifetime
Are these the same thing, just re-branded as BB? Are there any other differences? Also, does the BB burgundy = Color #8? Thanks
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