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Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro John Lobb, 6/20 - 7/2. What is this sale like? Do some of the classic looking models... Phillip, City, etc. go on sale?
I emailed Alden about resizing (re-lasting) a pair of shoes about 6 months ago. They told me they could do it (though I got lazy and never got around to sending them in). I would check with Alden before jumping to the conclusion that they don't re-size shoes.
I have been using the same guy for basic RTW alterations for some time now. He does a pretty good job, but I am wondering where he falls on the price spectrum of Manhattan tailors. Generally, for a suit he will charge.... $20 - to hem the pants $25 - to bring in the waist $50 ($25 each side) - to bing in the sides of a suit jacket $50 ($25 each) - to shorten the sleeves $10 - for each working button hole on the sleeves Is this in-line with what other new...
Got a lot of pairs of bit loafers: AE Verona, classic Gucci, Alden, Cole Haan, Ferragamo, etc.... surprisingly I actually don't find myself wearing them that much, but if I were to suggest one pair it would be the Alden's. I have the Cape Cod version and they are probably the best constructed and definitely the most comfortable of the group....they are also a great bang for you buck when compared to Gucci/Ferragamo.
I rarely see anyone under 50 wearing these shirts at my bank. I think most people thing they are a little ridiculous.
Can someone fill me in on the best way to condition the chromexcel leather? I am not looking to get shine or anything, but I'd like to cover up some of the scuffs and keep them from drying up. I was thinking of using either Saphir Renovateur or Venitian Shoe Creme. I know Quoddy sells a wax, but it seems as though that is more for waterproofing than conditioning...maybe I use that after one of the above? Thanks
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I think there are actually two Orvis stores in the Seattle area, but I haven't lived there in awhile so I might be wrong. The Bellevue store has been around for a long time. I have a number of Barbour coats and find my Beauforts to be the most "classic" and versatile. As some other have mentioned, they are also long enough to go over a sport coat. I would suggest staying away from the silkoil coats though they don't develop the nice patina that the others do. The...
Do you have to get one of the three shoes posted? There are WAY better options out there.
Is this a joke?
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