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Linen and cotton preferred. Preppy looking with bright colors. Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow or some combo. Gingham is are things like this:,12263.html Not interested in solid or dark colors.
Quote: Originally Posted by saint Grenson They are much higher quality than the regular Grensons however. They are made to the standards of the Grenson Masterpiece line.
The BB supima sweaters are great, but the sizing is inconsistent. I purchased two v necks on the same day, in the same size, and they fit very differently...not sure why. Also, you should know that these sweaters are not very form fittings...more parachute fitting. I don't have any Toscano sweaters. I have both BB and Toscano Merino sweaters and the quality seems about the same. The merino BB sweaters are thicker and warmer, but Toscano fit me better.
You really can't go wrong with any of the above options. My vote would be for the real reason though.
I read that WSJ article awhile back and watched some corresponding video with the author. I don't want to bash her, but she really didn't sound like she knew much about high quality suits. That being said, assuming the tailors who ranked the suits knew their stuff, it is somewhat impressive how well the SuitSupply suits graded out (and equally unimpressive how the Hart Schaffner Marx suits did). I am not in the market for a middle of the road suit right now, but when I...
Paul Stuart spring sale has a bunch of shoes in the store that are not on the website sale section. The Kings model is a really nice cap-toe, from the Stuarts Choice line, and are on sale for ~$350. They have them in burnished brown, tan and black...all really nice, but they are going quick.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro John Lobb, 6/20 - 7/2. What is this sale like? Do some of the classic looking models... Phillip, City, etc. go on sale?
I emailed Alden about resizing (re-lasting) a pair of shoes about 6 months ago. They told me they could do it (though I got lazy and never got around to sending them in). I would check with Alden before jumping to the conclusion that they don't re-size shoes.
I have been using the same guy for basic RTW alterations for some time now. He does a pretty good job, but I am wondering where he falls on the price spectrum of Manhattan tailors. Generally, for a suit he will charge.... $20 - to hem the pants $25 - to bring in the waist $50 ($25 each side) - to bing in the sides of a suit jacket $50 ($25 each) - to shorten the sleeves $10 - for each working button hole on the sleeves Is this in-line with what other new...
Got a lot of pairs of bit loafers: AE Verona, classic Gucci, Alden, Cole Haan, Ferragamo, etc.... surprisingly I actually don't find myself wearing them that much, but if I were to suggest one pair it would be the Alden's. I have the Cape Cod version and they are probably the best constructed and definitely the most comfortable of the group....they are also a great bang for you buck when compared to Gucci/Ferragamo.
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