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Quote: Originally Posted by mookid Greetings. I am to be attending a wedding; I will be in the groom's party and we will all be wearing black suits. I own a black suit. The top is tailored and fits well enough, but the pants are too baggy for my liking (almost M.C. Hammer-esque), and they have deep pleats. I think I would look sharper in slimmer, flat-front pants. My question is: do you recommend buying a pair of black, wool slacks and wearing them...
no need for another of these threads his casual looks are often ok in my opinion, i have never really cared for his suits/ties
I cant't stand not seeing any of my shirt sleeve when wearing a suit. Right now my suit sleeves are just a tad bit too long. I know that having working button holes really limits what you can do regarding sleeve length, but is there any way to decrease the sleeve length, even slightly, without messing with the shoulder? I am hoping for maybe a little more than 1/4th of an inch. I am apprehensive to have my long time tailor mess with the shoulders on this suit. My...
wrong forum
Quote: Originally Posted by gfreeman I'm also trying to decide between the 256 and the 257. I'll be carrying one of two laptops (either a 15" work laptop or a thin-as-hell 13" MacBook Air), my lunch, and sunglasses, that sort of thing, basically. Would the 256 suffice? I have a larger weekend bag for short trips where I need to bring clothes and things like that, so this would be strictly for work. While a 257 is larger than a 256, it is...
these look terrible
Assuming your PS suit is a solid dark navy suit, single breasted, 2 or 3 bttn, and fits decently well, there is no reason to get the brookease suit. Brookease is not great quality and there are a lot of better options out there for the same price...esp. if you keep an eye out for sales, deals, etc.
Target sells fantastic garment bags for very cheap. I like these:
great for traveling because they are so much lighter
Linen and cotton preferred. Preppy looking with bright colors. Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow or some combo. Gingham is are things like this:,12263.html Not interested in solid or dark colors.
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