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Thanks the the help. I'll check out Tods.
I like some of the Luis Morais thin beaded bracelets (shown below). I don't wear much/any jewelry, so I wanted to ask if there are other similar options for decent quality thin beaded bracelets? I don't really give a shit about the little gold pieces in the middle, I'd be fine with or without those. These do seem a bit steep at ~$250 a piece given that a teenage girl could probably make something that looks the exact same in 10 minutes, but I haven't been able to find...
+1 ... bought at $460
Are the captoes on the Robert last?
Despite spending a good amount of time looking at pictures, I still can't really figure out the Forest last....sometimes it looks very wide and blooby and other times it looks like a nice semi-slim standard round toe. Can anyone with firsthand experience comment on its general shape vs the Vass F last (one of my favorites)? Is the Forest sleeker than the F last? Thanks
Ben, Apologies if you have already mentioned this...but when do you expect to have a restock of the Benjamin pants? Also, can you confirm what size pants ship with the 40r classico suit?...those fit me perfectly.
For me....42 in Vass F fits similar to 9.5 D in AE Park Ave --- I would suggest you get a 41.5
i am not sure if the figures you mention are in reference to just a base salary, or to all-in compensation, but i think either way they are off (too high for base only, too low for all-in).
What size are these?
I think it might be over, but I am not sure.Shoe trees were $7.50, and you could get $10 off the total order (above $50) w/ FATW10 and free shipping with SHIPJULY.
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