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I'm pretty sure no one is getting refunds. I saw a few very small or troublesome orders get refunds earlier on around October November but that got stamped down quick. Not sure what's going on really, but I think it's safe to assume he doesn't have the money readily available to give back. I'm now under the impression jackets will be made, though time tables are iffy. Either way doesn't look like he has the money to give back This thread is so annoying and I have to say...
Actually, yeah, unless Drew was biased against orders being made for SF, you should be able to extrapolate the rate of orders using the spreadsheet. Our orders should represent a reasonable percentage of the jacket "population".
The sleekness of the Porsche would only help to magnify your Chubby IT bro face. Better to just resign yourself to an upgraded Honda Civic
Yo I get Charly is doing it for free so I'm sorry to have pissed him off. Wasn't my point but it appears my tirade was directed at you(Charly) Best of luck. And here's to hoping feb reigns in jackets and bags for everyone.
y debes de disfrutarlo de vez en cuando! A bunch of my friends just think my mmm hitops are Jordan's or some other Nike they've never seen before lol. I wore those hitops with a floral shirt once and my friends said I was Don Juan up top and bieber on the bottom lol lol
Wait, so all your friends/relatives take the MMM logo to mean Mickey Mouse? Idk Regis, Margie seems relatively flashy but I guess in a lower key way. Definitely not the main peacock at a Miami nightclub.
And that this impedes on your personal life for no apparent benefit is something to take up with Drew, not me. Don't need to get snippy. I'm sorry you didn't like my characterization of your service. If TOJ was a soup kitchen or a pet shelter, I guess I'd be more grateful for any help you'd throw my way. Still, as I'm a paying customer from what was a legit operation when I purchased my bag, I wish I didn't have to deal with something who thought helping me was such a...
I know I should be grateful to Charly for being cool enough to assist pro bono, but I'm still pissed my main point of contact is an aloof volunteer who bc of working pro bono gets to be choosy about who and what he services.
So as far as an update on my end goes, Charly said there was a daypack for me and it was going to ship out. This was over 2 weeks ago. Never got a bag, haven't heard back from him since.
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