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Let the king address his people.
So i was right when I said TOJ/Drew is the Bernie Madoff of leather jackets several pages back!
I think he means to suggest its "gone too far" because TOJ selling spots to refund the money proves that there isn't much liquid cash in the TOJ bank account. It's either been spent on materials, advanced payment for manufacturingor you know, the restaurant.
  I have to agree with Emilo here. I'm selling my Daypack spot largely bc I don't have confidence in Drew and the product anymore. I want a nice backpack, but I'm not so picky that only the TOJ will satisfy. I wanted my bag months ago, and now that it is not likely to be here for another month to several, I would rather get out of this contract. Selling the spot to someone else who believes they will get the bag someday doesn't make anyone a "little shit" who is ravenous...
Just as an FYI, the TOJ email address on the paypal account is not fake to my knowledge. It is the contact info/2 phone numbers associated with the account that are purportedly invalid according the paypal associate lady. I just wanted to clarify this detail as I'm being cited as the source of it.
I really think someone needs to get in here and clear things up. For all the shit talking, I'm really just disheartened toj has gone from such an awesome product and service to running like an unsavory backalley shop that swindles dumb tourists.
i just decided to have a bad attitude about this today. Getting tired of waiting.As for selling my spot, my grievance is more that I don't want the backpack 2 or more months from now, I wanted it back in august. If anyone is willing to wait, I'm sure they may very well receive the daypack eventually. Someone who has a jacket in this already may wish to double down with an accessory.
Let's see. Maybe Drew can come in and calm all fears. FYI, still have a spot here for a daypack for $350
Let's burn this thread
Are you on Drew's payroll? Why are you so invested in defending a faulty enterprise?
New Posts  All Forums: