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These jeans have plenty of life left in them. Crotch looks like it could use a bit of reinforcing though. These are the slim, skinny jeans in a size 30. They definitely stretched out a bit from the original size. Still, I've gained weight so they don't fit anymore! some of the best skinny jeans I've owned! Stacks are beautiful. I believe there is a small hole in the right inner pocket so small change might fall thru but keys and all that are likely to stay...
raf x Fred polo collab.This one is silver with a copper undertone. Did a quick measure showing it is 18.5 shoulders & 19.5 in the chest. Only worn twice.
From a few seasons back, this is the rare wings and horns fisherman vest. This a medium that best fits a size 40. Great vest with a nice weight to it. Can't integrate it into the wardrobe I'm trying to build so I shall pass on its dopeness to you:slayer: Looking for $90 NOW $70shipped Conus. Believe this badboy was $250ish new. Btw, the photo of the whole vest came out looking like there are small bleach stains all over the sweater. This is non existent on the actual item.
SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Italian made Ralph Lauren white bucks w/ red brick sole. perfect summer shoes. Worn only once. In great condition. Have been in shoe trees and come with ralph lauren shoe bag. They are a little dusty in the pics, will clean up before sending! Size 10 btw! I believe these originally retailed for $350+
SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD These leather quoddys are in pretty good condition. Bought from south Willard sometime in 09. Used them that summer and never really used them afterwards. I tend to wear a lot of navy bottoms and didn't enjoy the monochromatic look! One of the inner soles stamped with quoddy is missing from one of the shoes. Have no idea what happened, it must have been when I was moving! Otherwise the other inner sole is fine! Looking for $90 shipped...
Bought these Opening Ceremonies from baller forum member Jet a few years ago. :slayer:Used them a few times and put them away. Great shoes but i tend to wear bootcut jeans (rrl style) so these rarely looked right with them. Better for slim hems, rolled up jeans, etc. Size 43/10us. SOLD
Trying to up my shoe game again. Used to post here under a different screen name, totally forgot it lol. I was more into workwear then and rocked alden chukkas. Looking for more of a casual tropical city look. Jeans/pants with sneakers and a short sleeve printed button up. Cool florals, etc. thinking the mmm gats and cp acchilles would be about the most appropriate sneakers. Any other recommendations?
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