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We actually received some vague notice, i believe, that production had become "patchy" as some of the jacket manufacturers took time off for vacation, etc. He works with some apparently small, family owned business who may take extended time off . This of course was only vaguely communicated like all of the other issues.
It's funny to look back through some of the comments a year ago when people were still agitated with some of the delays. I think a major thing here is Drew is no longer around and apparently doesn't seem to find urgency in responding to his customers. What? We've been waiting for the announced update now for a day and a half or two?    The situation is unforgivable whether it's on the manufacturing side or financial. He has felt no need to communicate at all. What? An...
You'll get apologists for the worst of war crimes, why wouldn't someone stand up for TOJ in a semi-anonymous Internet forum?
We wish to speak with the one they call "Drew"
C'mon man, place an order on a jacket and forget about it. See whether it comes but don't sweat it if it never shows up. liveeee a little maaaan
Gambling implies I had a good time, got drunk, made some mistakes, and maybe even got laid. Sending cash over PayPal isn't quite as thrilling. Nor did I think I was playing roulette when I was trying to buy a piece of clothing
The People vs Drew Keith: the forum battle of the century
It's 9am in seoul. Do you know where your jacket is
Do you think laying back and letting Drew "do his thing" would do anyone any better? Would we have ever received notice? Frankly I care less about getting my product back then money. Please explain why I should understand a week and a half delay on that as well?I'm probably rightly assuming you don't have an order in with TOJ and as the owner of the site, probably benefit indirectly from the increased traffic to the site. A lot of this thread has become very emotional....
This is why Drew needs to just go ahead and chime in. No hype man. No food talk. Just a clear explanation and god willing, some follow ups. This isn't the SotU address
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