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Well shit. Time for another round of fundraising! Whose in ya'll???
Not recently. I was getting steady responses from Charly a few months ago but haven't heard since. I'm definitely on the list for bags to be made. It seems there's like 4-6 people here still waiting on their daypacks so I figure he can justify making another batch. Whereas if it was just my bag outstanding, i'd be sweating that he wouldn't fulfill a little more.
I mainly figured Drew gave up on the jacket business due to burnout or something. To say it was unprofitable is pretty ridiculous. I'm sure he would have been able to maintain profitability long term, but at some point, he would have had to scale up the operation to make it legit. Run informally by 3 or so guys and a bunch of unreliable manufactures led to some of the gaps in production As noted, apparently this all started to go downhill when his infrastructure...
Still waiting on a daypack here. Believe there's one more batch left for a handful of us. I'm over this bag and intend to sell it when it arrives anyway. Anyone interested in the spot? I'll take off $20. $360 gets your name on it
So not really poor at all then, you could say. I'm not broke at all and I'm still annoyed I'm out a daypack (so far)
Still waiting on a daypack myself. Haven't received a response to any message sent since January.
 Mack - Given your stature, I can see how you'd prefer the shorter fit. Still thinks it looks a little unflattering with the button down and buttoned up. With both arms relaxing, in your tee, it looks like it suits you a little more. The dark t-shirt/dark pants makes it a little difficult to give a great assessment, but I think you're OK to keep.  edit: lol at telling Mack to lose weight. Dude looks like he's the skinniest he'll ever be. 
Agreed. Maybe it looks better unbuttoned? Still not the best fit, unfortunately
 Yes he did, but then apparently due to his shoddy bookkeeping systems, he overlooked me and a few others here who are still waiting for their bags. I've talked to about 3-4 others who are still waiting on theirs as well.  It's very upsetting, especially considering the vast majority of bags already went out. So idk what's going on here. Am i getting one? If bags have TOTALLY gone out and he's not making more, am I finally entitled to a refund? ~~~Life's Mysteries ~~~
It's like @LA Guy was saying earlier in the thread, it's all about infrastructure. We can speculate all we want about how tidy a sum Drew can turn on pushing jackets, but the guy invested nada into the infrastructure of the business. Even if Drew's margins are 50%, that's without a steady leather supplier or a useful system for accounting, supply chain, etc. When Dan was out for a full summer, apparently production stopped completely. Add in some redundancy for a...
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