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Let's burn this thread
Are you on Drew's payroll? Why are you so invested in defending a faulty enterprise?
I'm taking paypal's word bc that's what the associate said. I am no longer willing to give Charlie/Drew the benefit of the doubt if all we receive are vague promises. I don't doubt that jackets/backpacks may get made, but The company has made no official statement in 2 months. Drew or Charlie need to speak to this, now.
Yeah minus the silly language, I'm not joking. PayPal says he has no valid numbers on file
If we're throwing out shady scenarios here, I just talked to PayPal who said the number associated with the TOJ/Drew Keith PayPal email is invalid so paypal themselves cannot contact TOJ to seek justice.
YoTOJ? More like Temple of Shade
BTW I still have a daypack spot available. PM me if interested
Wait, so that means most July 2013 orders haven't been made, and they're being manufactured (finally) just now? I'd say it can't be real, but having been a member since 2011, it's not a TOJ BOT/Troll
Sort of amusing how all this fretting and waiting for jackets is at odds with the casual cool aesthetic of Toj. It's like if we knew before rebel started that James dean had waited and complained for a year and a half to get his Harrington. What a fussy anti hero
Agreed. But it's pretty alarming to see the amount of orders that are pending. What, Drew has 100k? 200k in sales on outstanding jackets while he opens up a restaurant? Pretty easy to see him dipping into that fund to posh up his restaurant
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