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  Yeah, totally overlooked that. My bad. I'm really looking for a "state of the union" update though. Not a "hey we need to clear up some names and address business" style update. I want to know whats going on with the whole she-bang. 
While the guy who did a chargeback on another member was out-of-line, I think the tendency of this thread is to continually shift blame away from Drew/TOJ Management. He doesn't participate in this thread, so posters are left to bark among themselves as if one posters words or actions have been the cause of decline for a business that was falling apart well before the thread madness began.   It's been several months since Drew has provided an update. What was it,...
  Shouldn't your poor ass be out there working a 2nd job to afford a SLP jacket? 
Jet - I thought you were all about APCs, jeans wise. You can hem 'em if they won't stack right.    Otherwise, what do people recommend in lieu of APCs now without getting too denim heady. Jean shop? 
Can we still sell spots?! I've got a daypack with my name (IT COULD BE YOURS!!) on it ready to go for $360. That $20-ish dollar discount is so I never hear from you or this bag again.
If all TOJ models were still available for purchase, I'd definitely pick up the suede harrington and maybe a T1 suede . The CWU or aviator jacket looks good too for a leather jacket and very wearable as well. I think the double rider and moto looks pretty poor on the bulk of wearers.  The jackets just look a little aggressive considering the rather "soft" look and personality of the bulk of the people wearing them. People are wearing them less Sid-Viciousy (think he'd rock...
Also, it really is about damn time Drew gets in here to say a few words about what's going on. That we hear someone has texted, chatted, IM'd, etc him isn't helpful. I still haven't received a daypack. I know refunds haven't gone out. Many are still awaiting their jackets. If he's really gotten as many jackets out as people suggest, that's definitely something to boast about in an update. It would be very nice to get some reassurance things are progressing
I way prefer the coke head Drew theories to believing some South American Reddit TOJ-style brand has up and bought Drew's operation. As you mentioned, if you followed the thread Drew has reneged on his idea of selling his designs, patterns, or brand name/operation. You'll find that's been his stance for the last year or so
I actually preferred the first season of breaking bad (though the whole thing was good) because I found the characters and small scope of it much more realistic. Making meth in a trailer and dealing with low level New Mexico street thugs was much more gritty than the grandiose, corporate front for cartel drug business with meth being made in a super lab scenario I can dig that this will have less zany Walt is a science genius solutions. Writing and story is the creator's...
Yeah I'm not comfortable with the way the leather is caving in on his side. It's the wrong kind of drape.
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