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Lol, the order was placed under the name Natalie
No one has to get crazy yet, let drew speak his piece. I have to say, the business as usual answers don't lead to a lot of confidence. As Dieworkwear states, we'd like a bit more communication and assurance the orders are being made. Eager to see the "grey list" and to hear timelines for when the last batches of the orders will be finished. Please speak to the wallets/ outstanding day packs when you get a chance! I do have to say that the refund thing sounds fishy. If...
drew, I'ma let you finish, but I gotta say, where's my daypack?
In my case, my bank and PayPal both came to the mutual agreement that I'm screwed.
I understand your position and to that point, I would generally agree that we shouldn't rustle anything up if the likelihood of getting our jackets/goods is greater than Drew bailing.    On that, I still would like some assurance from Drew that things are running along. A comment here and there is made about jackets being received, but I cannot get a word out of Charly or Drew or any contact regarding the status of my goods. Basically anyone got any more ideas on how to...
Helpful for your next leather? When did you put in a 2nd order? Haven't heard a word from Charly on my order in months
I just think people are starting to get tired of the situation. What can we legitimately do here to move things along? Charge backs aren't an option for a lot of us anymore. Charly isn't able to assist. Who can contact drew? Should we Skype libertine? Get a group call going? Basically, we need a line directly to Drew here. If he can't find a solution, I think ruining his credit/business reputation in anyway possible is actually quite fair given he's chosen to abandon...
So is Charly still helping? Doesn't sound like it from his last few responses. I can also attest to what others have been saying about a complete lack of response from the TOJ email address. So what's up then? We get no responses from anyone and should just be grateful drew may eventually feel like making a jacket? Want to post up a twisted sister "we're not gonna take it" gif
Hey there I have a daypack spot still available. There seems to be a handful who have yet to receive their daypacks so another batch is expected to roll out soon. No exact dates but as you probably know, the ball is rolling slowly over at TOJ. Given this, I'm discounting the spot. If you're interested please contact me and I'll arrange for the spot to be transferred over to you. I'm over the backpack hype and would intend on selling when I receive anyway. It's not really...
I'm not one to defend Drew but I was pretty certain he wore one or two of his own jackets here and there. Could be wrong tho.
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