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Spent a lot on guitars and clothes at that age too. My taste in music changed significantly between then and now. I barely pull most of my guitars out of their cases. I mostly bought nicer mid priced "superstrats" and other metal/shred centric guitars (nothing will lame flames or skulls on it) . Now I mainly use a basic but nice American telecaster. Clothing wise was kinda the same. Didn't really do the forum trolling back then so I blew money at places like Hugo boss...
it's not bad, but I guess with the hyped campaign I expected more from it. Then again, I'm not into much of boards material other than the twoism ep and MHTRTC. Despite that, 2013 has been such an excellent year for music
$40 shipped this weekend!
$40 shipped this weekend. Cool vest! Looks great with a lot of styles!
$40 shipped this weekend!
Jungle has been back in focus for awhile now. The faster juke/footwork seems to blend well with jungle sensibilities. Anyway here's a bit of what I've been listening toMachinedrum keeps putting out bangersI don't think any of the other early Warp artists have managed to stay on top of their game as well as AutechreBeen revisiting Actress' hazyville. He's got such a beautiful take on techno
$15 dollars off!
Now $70 shipped conus!
Drop to shipped conus! SOLD
Drop to $60 shipped Conus
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