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 Pretty sure this means my daypack (and others) has been in storage since it was made sometime in January. The poor thing is lonely. I just think it's prudent to get that stock out of storage before a flood or some other peril occurs at the facility. It happens more regularly than I'd like to think and I'd bet Drew probably doesn't have insurance on the full value of the goods as this business is pretty much "done".  * Not trying to get raise any hysteria here, i'm just...
On that, is there no way you can hire a temp to handle? Believe this has been requested before.  Maybe  have someone's competent cousin/brother/sister/etc in HS/College sort all this out for a hundred bucks or so? Shouldn't take more than a few days if someone is spending dedicated time on it. It would be money out of your pocket, but surely it's worth getting this over now as opposed to months from now. 
There seems to be a dissonance between how Drew views the whole matter and how the customers see it. Unknown to us (or me, at least) Drew is very very removed from the manufacturing and shipping process. While we're sweating if anything has been made in months, he's been stuffing "lost" items into a storage unit. It's a significant logistics issue that really should not have occurred, but I'm glad it is being rectified, albeit slowly. All in all, while there would have...
I'm glad things are moving along finally. I'm just a little dumbfounded that it's taken so long to hear that our stuff has mostly been in storage for months.
From previous correspondence with Charly, it wasn't sent out in the original batch. You state that I was overlooked on the initial send out. Please do check, I sent along the address in an email/pm. I have not recieved anything.Really, thanks for checking into this, it's the first time I've gotten any word on it in months. Also, very concerned as the bag hasn't come in. See about the confirmation or shipping # or something, if I need to call to look into this on my end.
Lol, the order was placed under the name Natalie
No one has to get crazy yet, let drew speak his piece. I have to say, the business as usual answers don't lead to a lot of confidence. As Dieworkwear states, we'd like a bit more communication and assurance the orders are being made. Eager to see the "grey list" and to hear timelines for when the last batches of the orders will be finished. Please speak to the wallets/ outstanding day packs when you get a chance! I do have to say that the refund thing sounds fishy. If...
drew, I'ma let you finish, but I gotta say, where's my daypack?
In my case, my bank and PayPal both came to the mutual agreement that I'm screwed.
I understand your position and to that point, I would generally agree that we shouldn't rustle anything up if the likelihood of getting our jackets/goods is greater than Drew bailing.    On that, I still would like some assurance from Drew that things are running along. A comment here and there is made about jackets being received, but I cannot get a word out of Charly or Drew or any contact regarding the status of my goods. Basically anyone got any more ideas on how to...
New Posts  All Forums: