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What do we want? Our jackets! When do we want them? Now! Really though, I'm just wondering if there's been any update on the daypacks. I'd like to bust that bad boy out for a summer weekend trip before the end of the season. Hope TOJ keeps going in rtw form if Drew is up to it. I'd really like to get into more of his stuff in the future.
Sweet, thanks. As long as I'm bestowed with bag swag by the beginning of September, I won't blow this place up every day for a shipping update
not really sweating it, but what was the shipping date range for the one off daypack order?
Definitely up for a grey/brown chukka! Gonna keep an ear to this thread for updatss
Is toj still taking orders then?
You want to get into commercial lines, as someone mentioned, or work as a broker. maybe in the more sophisticated insurance with account executives, actuaries, etc. but this is all more corporate rather than frontline sales. Look at companies like travelers, marsh, Willis, etc. maybe something a little more local? Try to become an underwriter or something. When I interviewed for an agent position, it wasn't a scam but they did ask me to front the money for the licenses....
Bought from Barney's this spring, same as these: http://www.barneys.com/Buttero-Distressed-Tall-Side-Zip-Boot/500155007,default,pd.html They have been worn all of two times, once around the house and once to a local park. Beautiful boots but they really aren't my style. Total cost with tax and shipping was nearly $490 so you'll save $100. They come with the box!
P2p 21 S2s 18.25 Length 27.5 Shoulder seam to sleeve 26
no reason to fret, it's just a jacket. I think this mto stuff freaks people out because there's all these combinations you're letting go. If you do the workboots/raw denim look, I'd do the A2. I see the CWU looking better with more sleek outfits. Just pick one before you cant
After enough tequila and wearing two pairs of boat shoes, I'm sure any burger would taste fine
New Posts  All Forums: