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I actually received a refund from TOJ once but it was sent through PayPal when I specifically ordered Google Checkout so I sent it back to Drew. He can't get anything right!
 At least we know those mis-valued daypacks won't make it through our borders without heavy penalties. 
I'm honestly not "in it" as much as many of you, I only have a phantom daypack on order, but seriously, Drew is a piece of shit for literally shafting everyone here.      I demand a vague update!
 Can't let the story get as stale as a dish at Libertine.  I requested a refund in October. Nothing. I said I'd take the bag instead if a refund is really a non-option. Charly said that's fine. Now nothing. I can't even get a response from Charly now. Didn't think getting screwed by a dilettante cook/jacket maker would be on my list for the last year. Now I can say i've really lived.
I've not received the daypack and have no idea if its coming. Do I have to turn into a crazy ex-gf about this to get Drew's attention? 
Drew will never send out the jackets. He's enjoyed having his hands in other people's pockets too much.
I just want my pound of flesh.
I think we need to get out the picket signs again. It's the only time we get a reaction out of Drew.
Still haven't received a bag or a refund. Can't get word on what I can expect. Was hoping for a bag (at least I can use or sell if I'm not feeling it) but since I did say I would take a refund as well it's up in the air. TOJ hasn't issued refunds since the wave of requests in mid-late October. WTF DREW.
holy shit, I hope I have a daypack coming then.     * Probably going to be so over it by the time it arrives I'll be selling.
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