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Btw, I'm pretty much next in line here for the backpack. If anyone wants my spot, I'm willing to sell. At this point jansport is better than TOJ. I can spend the rest on booze and drugs to get my mind of this headache hahaha
Personally, I don't get those who are here to defend Drew. What stake do you have in acting unfazed by rather unsavory business and marketing management from a small jacket manufacturer? It doesn't really help that Drew has made himself terribly unavailable pretending that he is working harder than the rest of us. Still, this is all known already. I come into this thread every so often bc my girlfriend bugs me as she's the one who wants the backpack for grad classes....
If I was aware the backpack was going to take 6 months, I would have just bought something else. No backpack can be that dope. Drew is like the Bernie madoff of MTM leather jackets
I think the low tech nature of the cm b&s is a real benefit. Assuming the typical user is on the slightly older side, it's less of a hassle than subscribing to another service when they're already familiar with the forums/paypal format. I think a real advantage is styleforum has amassed a decades worth of content. That's something not many sites can replicate, giving SF it's own niche within the greater internet fashion arena. Growing the retail and b&s side also gives...
Correct. It's just an aggressive strategy to gain a foothold in the market. Once enough traffic comes through the site, they can sell that captive audience through advertisements, supplemental features for $, etcLA Guy, do you feel this affects traffic to your site? I haven't been involved much lately, but b&s seems to have been slowing down (at least on the street wear end where I assume grailed focuses on). I don't know if you view the site as "competition", but I would...
I was under the assumption all those jackets didn't go out. Perhaps they did? I understand we're not the only market for the TOJ jackets but I refuse to believe the majority jackets have ended up in largely the hands of people who don't post on the internet
Is Drew going down for the first mto leather jacket Ponzi scheme? This is unprecedented in internet fashion lol.
As annoying as complaints can be, I agree that it's been too long. I think it's a little funny some of you are suggesting that complaining will make Drew mad and never want to make jackets again. I mean as nice as it is to have drew post and be a part of the community, he's first and foremost acting as a business on here. As niche and special as you may think that business is, it still has to justify why it wasn't able to meet it's end of a deal. This amounts to fraud,...
What do we want? Our jackets! When do we want them? Now! Really though, I'm just wondering if there's been any update on the daypacks. I'd like to bust that bad boy out for a summer weekend trip before the end of the season. Hope TOJ keeps going in rtw form if Drew is up to it. I'd really like to get into more of his stuff in the future.
Sweet, thanks. As long as I'm bestowed with bag swag by the beginning of September, I won't blow this place up every day for a shipping update
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