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An idea: an AMA style discussion here on SF where Drew allots something like 2 hours to answering all our concerns. We should agree upon a time/date most of us could log-in for.
Still selling a daypack spot btw. If some leathers and wallets are actually getting made, I expect the bags will at least. I agree with LA GUY that some leverage must be used against Drew. We should drum up ideas on the most effective way to go about it to coax some answers out of Drew. There's been too much f***king around
^ yeah, if you put in an order now, you may see it in 2017. AFAIK, TOJ is no longer taking new orders. 
  You're really going to continue to give Drew the benefit of the doubt? I'm happy he came in here to calm nerves regarding production, but there's still a lot left unanswered. I'm now leaning more towards the belief that production will continue to move forward, albeit slower than before. Still, does that mean refunds must be dealt out slowly as well? I'm pretty sure the money hasn't been in the TOJ account for awhile. I don't want to be refunded whenever Drew sees fit. I...
Same here. Charly has stopped responding to my emails altogether.To all: Daypack spot for sale. Hit me up.
On that, if anyone wants my daypack spot and is willing to paypal gift, hit me up. It's $380
Thanks I appreciate that Okay, well i guess I'm wondering if they can refund such large orders, why can't I get my daypack money back :/. I've sent an email to Charly every week asking for a status update! On that, yeah Charly responds very quickly when he seemingly wants to or can. Otherwise, a lot of times I get ignored
Has anyone received a refund for something more than the cost of a Wallet? Did the payment come from the TOJ paypal address?   I've asked for a refund multiple times to just have Charly say "i'll let drew know". It's looking like i'm going to end up with no daypack and no refund. 
FYI, I posted a request for a refund more than a month ago. Charly told me he would "let drew know". Drew ain't paid.   The structure of the organization is starting to get very frustrating. Charly says he can't do anything himself. Drew has been relatively evasive. Does Drew treat his restaurant patrons this shitty as well?
i'm still waiting on a refund and I put it in like 2-3 weeks ago.
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