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 Bought these off of another SF'er. Had someone say I looked like Justin beiber with them on. They're not for me lol. See attachments  
Only worn around a few times. I think lows are more my style really. A little wear but not much as you can see in the photos
Nice collective hoodie from around '08. It's a dark blue/green color with black pinstripes. Frayed edges. Very thin, not necessarily meant to keep you "warm". Fits more like a slim medium than a true large.
I don't wear these much anymore. I wore them maybe 10-15 times total. Tons of measurements out there on these jeans so I'll just skip. Pm me w/ questions.
I finally received my bag from Drew a few months ago. Tried it out but I'm not much of a backpack kind of guy so it hasn't seen much use. In like new condition. PM me for details.
Well I think the problem is Drew managed to create a reasonable illusion that jackets were going out. Hell, everyone who came to their defense kept pointing out that jackets were still creeping out. I actually received a daypack almost immediately after Drew came back on a month ago or so. I can feel for those who kept on believing, because even though it looked like a dire situation, it still seemed you might get your jacket/wallet/etc. Everyone isn't getting screwed, but...
  I know I've been a pain in the ass to Charly in the past, who I assumed at that time was being intentionally unhelpful. In retrospect, it's clear everything was out of Charly's hands. The dude is willing to come on here and share his side of the story. Why is everyone giving him so much shit? What benefit does Charly get out of lying? Everyone should direct their anger towards Drew - hopefully in a somewhat productive manner. Just keep moving forward with the paypal...
Fair enough. Yeah, it's a seriously long time to be waiting for any retail product. I finally received my backpack in the last two months - after waiting 10 months longer than expected - so I'm not really invested in this as much anymore, but it's regrettable that Drew would leave so many people hanging. What? 150+ in the last day alone have signed onto the PayPal list? Drew needs to straighten up and contact the aggrieved parties directly.
Like congrats you've "lived your life" Teger but who the fuck cares? Don't come in to this thread acting above it. It's really not Brad's responsibility to push anything forward. Sure, anyone who has the opportunity should "do their part" towards screwing Drew, but ultimately he's at fault for not addressing the matter on this forum. It doesn't help anyone to be an intermediary to the issue
Jeez, everyone lay of Brad. Just because he got in touch with Drew doesn't make him immediately responsible for the matter moving forward.I'm lucky I secured my daypack at the beginning of Drew's initial talks in the last few months. He made good on that, and I can only hope you're all able to rectify your issues in the end. While I'm not hopeful, let's see what Drew may be willing to do to assuage the situation. Certainly, until anything is proven, I'd move full force...
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