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When a transaction is going poorly, I'd rather be in regular communication with the seller than dealing with a silent merchant.    People just want assurance/confirmation that things are moving along. Seeing a jacket pop up here and there is definitely helping, but why act like having Drew update is a pointless endevour? It's the only way to learn whats going on at TOJ at all
sand suede/camel typically looks goods with black. I'm not really into the jacket with that particular t-shirt, myself but it works
Remuneration via commissions isn't usually typical for work like this
No one is getting paid at all? Wtf? Given that, thanks for both of ya'll for even remaining sort of involved. Would a small token of appreciation via protein shakes, food gift cards, straight money, etc help to get anything done faster? I bet a lot of people would be willing to chip in to give you guys a little money for your trouble But yeah, what happened to the money? Did it really get put into the restaurant? Or did Drew really badly project the cost of...
 Neither do trolls.
  lol I'm glad you can derive much about my parenting skills from this thread. Why don't you go fuck yourself?
  I'm not stressed - like at all. And that disappointed with mankind attitude is little ridic in this context dude. You're fighting the good fight for humankind one fashion thread at a time?
  You've edited your hate speech 3 times. I'll totally admit I'm acting like a pain in the ass here - it's a fashion forum and i'm taking advantage of the ability to complain. My product is over a year late in delivery; I'm hardly a brat for being extremely annoyed. I wasn't initially getting pissy at Charly. I made a comment about how lack of ability to reach anyone at TOJ who can help by the standard definition of "good customer service". Charly, in his position, can't...
  Yeah, totally overlooked that. My bad. I'm really looking for a "state of the union" update though. Not a "hey we need to clear up some names and address business" style update. I want to know whats going on with the whole she-bang. 
While the guy who did a chargeback on another member was out-of-line, I think the tendency of this thread is to continually shift blame away from Drew/TOJ Management. He doesn't participate in this thread, so posters are left to bark among themselves as if one posters words or actions have been the cause of decline for a business that was falling apart well before the thread madness began.   It's been several months since Drew has provided an update. What was it,...
New Posts  All Forums: