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Anyone else having problems listing on ebay right now?  I listed two things then went to list a third and it won't let me select a category.
  I'm not an expert but I believe the "Z" line is one of their lower lines.  
Thanks.  I appreciate the advice.  I may look a little closer next time, if they're in my size.
  Correction.  Nothing useful was gained.
The "all over" is exactly the clue that has made me NOT BUY ANY, thus my saying I've ALWAYS LEFT THEM.  I do have google and didn't find anything that would lead me to believe they were worth going back to the store to buy.  But when I see a member who is talking about picking some up I figure maybe there's something that I'm missing.  I didn't know ebay had a special membership for completed listings so I did actually get something I can use out of your post.  Thank you....
Are Johnston and Murphy any good?  They're all over in the thrift shops here and I've always left them because I figured if they were that plentiful there must not be much of a market.  If they are good, how good are they for flipping if not in my size?
  Iv'e owned a Sportster, V-Star 1100 (my avatar) and two Harley touring bikes.  I currently have a Touring bike because I like to ride 300-500 miles in a day then get up and do it again the next day.  What I've learned is if the bike fits the way a person likes to ride then it doesn't matter if it's a cruiser, touring or sport bike.  The important thing is to enjoy the ride and keep it shiny side up.  The one caveat I would add is if you want to ride two up then you may...
Slow day today.  Picked up a Hickey Freeman polo and a Tricots polo.  Back to work tomorrow so no more hunting until the weekend.
Awesome find!  The amp alone is worth that.  Was all that in a thrift store? 
It would depend in part on the cut of the blazer and how it fits you.  Also depends on what it's made of.  Pic?
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