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This polo shirt is indeed great. The collar is Luxire BD but they made some adjustments to the collar band so that it sits nicely under the jacket. There is some fusing or interlining in the collar band but I am not quite sure as I only described it that way and let Luxire figure out the way to do that. The collar band height is 1.5in. Order number is #8073. Please note that I was ordering more than 1 item so remember to mention Long Sleeve Polo Shirt in Grey Pique...
Wearing grey pique cotton long-sleeve polo today
@Turner I will definitely do that, thanks
Yes I have, although the Finamore shirt was not the inspiration, haven't seen this version - anyway, looks similar. Cleeve of London for Drake's shirt was more of an inspiration
Yes, I asked Luxire to copy the light blue shade of denim from Cleeve of London for Drake's shirt
In order to get a lighter shade denim needs to be washed. Depending on the shade requested fabric can be washed in order to achieve certain colour. @luxire can probably confirm details.
@Thrifter All the information, details and detailed photos will be posted over the weekend. I am sorry I am not able to do that properly earlier.  In regard to fabrics: cotton vs wool. I only have trousers made of the following fabrics:  1. http://luxire.com/products/khaki-heavy-twill 2. http://luxire.com/collections/pants/products/dugdale-light-grey-plain-8960 3. http://luxire.com/products/dugdale-royal-classic-lighter-grey-hopsack-check-with-blue-overcheck and now...
@ShawnBC yes, it was specified
I got my latest Luxire items delivered late last week and took few shots. Should have fit-photos taken over the weekend. Ordered 3 more casual items this time:1. light blue denim shirt (fabric). Cannot say much about the hand finish yet. I have worn the shirt only once and do not think it influences the fit/comfort. It probably is only a matter of aesthetics. Great fabric btw. Not like denim at all - much softer and lighter. Highly recommended2. long sleeve polo shirt...
Yes Sir, it is a Soho model from last year
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