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And I just placed an order for 2 more shirts.. :( Some of those flannels!!
I was thinking the same.. am confused
You both are right.I look forward to seeing the smartest shorts ever made in June😉
The one on the pic with Lino?:>
Yes, this is the way I ment Oh yes, lot of turtlenecks! I actually felt like everyone was wearing one during Pitti at least once ;) I did :P Especially Tuesday evening! Wednesday and Thursday were warmer but you could still get away with not wearing overcoat - cardigan or any other 3rd layer would work well
Fashion week is even worse to be honest
I've got 2 shirts in this fabric and havent spotted any shrinkage after wash yet. Ive had them for about 2-3 months 
Black only makes you appreciate the shape and finish  
Yeah I do that only if I want the exact same shirt. Any changes need to be addressed in the notes. Even the slightest.When choosing a collar from the spreadsheet make sure that all the settings suit you, like fusing or lining.
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