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Thank you Proper Cloth for quickly shipping my swatches order. I have to say that I appreciate you policy on keeping customers money spent on swatches in store credit👍🏻. I am already decided on collar so should place an order soon.
Your first sentence pretty much answered my question. ThanksI just ordered swatches to have a better idea about the fabrics. Should pull the trigger on the Soft Roma Cutaway or Roma Spread when they arrive
New Luxire summer shirt. Fabric: Linen Cotton Cornflower Blue Wide Stripes Very soft and light fabric, perfect for summer. I love how it looks with grey trousers or suit. 0.5cm tie gap, 3 3/8in collar points, medium fused collar (even when fused, because of the weight of the fabric, the collar is still relatively soft but does not wrinkle), collar band 2 1/8in back, 1 5/8in front.
Thanks @ccallis for a response. Another question addressed maybe to someone who has experience with both Luxire and Proper Cloth. How would you compare/describe the Milano II and Roma Spread collar thickness? Is it really very stiff? 
Hi guys,   not sure if this question has been already answered somewhere but I would like to know if it is possible to modify the fusing or interlining in Proper Cloth's collars? I love their shape but would prefer something softer, i.e. no fusing or light interlining.
I am still looking for a perfect summer pique cotton shirt but I would think that 7.5oz (navy pique) is too much. I have the Grey Knitted Pique one and it is too thick. Luxire @luxire, could you tell me what the weight is for the grey pique please? 
It looks pretty close to my darker shirt. No reason actually. If it was a wedding shirt I wouldn't go for shirring but any other shirt is ok, I think. I also wasn't very happy with the shirring at the beginning so decided it was safer to avoid it. I only made one shirt with shirring after that and it turn out better but still not as good as my Testoria shirt which I reviewed in one of the latest posts. 
Something like this (Order #8073 light Order #9523 dark)? The light one is hand finished. Fabric is rather on the thicker side. Not suitable for warmer monthsMore info and detailed photos:http://blueloafers.com/quality-products/mtm-denim-shirt/http://blueloafers.com/outfits/denim-shirt/  
Lots of nice trousers Luxire. Here are few shots of one of my latest pair in Cream VBC wool-mohair fabric. More details and couple full body shots can be found on the blog: http://blueloafers.com/outfits/pitti-uomo-88-day-1-look/  
Few more shots of the collar being mentioned on the previous page:  
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