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A bit more grey today but brown/green work as Christmas colours I think (y)  
This combo! 
Fantastic shade of brown ;)
FInally managed to take a "robot" photo of this Zaremba jacket.  Also wearing denim shirt by Luxire and navy grenadine by Berg&Berg.
Yes, I very often have problems with shrinkage, unlike others, so I am usually very careful. Have the collar size spot on now but after about 2 years the denim one has become a bit small. I'd assume about 2% so that's about 0.75cm on 38 size. Quite significant. @OzWino
Yes, it was this one: Dark Indigo Denim Chambray. I love it! I don't know why I haven't ordered more.. Highly recommended
I got the Barbour jacket memo ;) Wearing: Barbour Bedale Zaremba bespoke sport coat Luxire MTM chinos and denim shirt Shibumi zigzag knit Carmina suede brogues
Anton also offered to send me some pocket squares free of charge. I did a post on them here: (link).    In my opinion the best thing about them is an exclusive art work that has been printed on the silk pocket square. It is also important for me that they acknowledge the artist. Knight's Move is my favourite and have to say that it is one of the nicest new designs I have seen on pocket square.  Since then R. Culturi started finishing the edges by hand, some of the first...
Summer vibes, again Suit: Suitsupply Shirt: Luxire Tie: E.G. Cappelli PS: Monsieur Fox
Thanks! You will! Only with different trousers :D
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