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Robin confirmed those prices include Swedish VAT
Robin will be taking payments in SEK so I guess it depends on the exchange rate, additional charges etc. Now, official price is 23000SEK - was told today. The way I pay for international orders it would be about £1800. 
London Trunk Show has been confirmed. Robin will be staying in St Jame's Court - Taj Hotel - from 4-6 February taking orders for B&Tailor. As Erik said few pages back, garments are cut and made by B&Tailor. Prices for a suit in "regular" fabric will start at £1800. You can book an appointment with Robin at robin@rp-tailor.com
Hello chaps, All of you obviously are big fans of Vass shoes. If you are in London next week (Wednesday) and would like to see a selection of Vass shoes please send an email to the address shown below to book your place. I think it will be a great opportunity to try on some Vass models and different lasts and eventually place an order for MTO or bespoke. Lovely Rezso Kuti will be representing Vass. Some other brands will also be presenting their products, including...
Thank you Proper Cloth for quickly shipping my swatches order. I have to say that I appreciate you policy on keeping customers money spent on swatches in store credit👍🏻. I am already decided on collar so should place an order soon.
Your first sentence pretty much answered my question. ThanksI just ordered swatches to have a better idea about the fabrics. Should pull the trigger on the Soft Roma Cutaway or Roma Spread when they arrive
New Luxire summer shirt. Fabric: Linen Cotton Cornflower Blue Wide Stripes Very soft and light fabric, perfect for summer. I love how it looks with grey trousers or suit. 0.5cm tie gap, 3 3/8in collar points, medium fused collar (even when fused, because of the weight of the fabric, the collar is still relatively soft but does not wrinkle), collar band 2 1/8in back, 1 5/8in front.
Thanks @ccallis for a response. Another question addressed maybe to someone who has experience with both Luxire and Proper Cloth. How would you compare/describe the Milano II and Roma Spread collar thickness? Is it really very stiff? 
Hi guys,   not sure if this question has been already answered somewhere but I would like to know if it is possible to modify the fusing or interlining in Proper Cloth's collars? I love their shape but would prefer something softer, i.e. no fusing or light interlining.
I am still looking for a perfect summer pique cotton shirt but I would think that 7.5oz (navy pique) is too much. I have the Grey Knitted Pique one and it is too thick. Luxire @luxire, could you tell me what the weight is for the grey pique please? 
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