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Hi @Katt. To me the fit is very good. As you say, they might be just a little bit too long but very nice anyway. As a side note. Do you guys noticed that Luxire is much better with trousers that have no pleats. Look at the fit above. Someone mentioned pleats for him to be not deep enough which is one thing, but sometimes even on my own trousers I see fabric pulling across the pleat. What do you guys think?
[[SPOILER]] Fabric looks really nice! Which one is it?
In your case they should be very good. -10 already? Oh boy..you better get these warm trousers asap :)I've got a pair in grey wool flannel (my first Luxire pair, do not wear them too often - they're only suitable for really cold days here in UK) and a swatch of camel wool flannel. My impression is that the camel swatch is thicker than grey, stiffer as well
No problem. Yes, exactly. I'd say that it would be way to thick for winter in Netherlands ;)
      Please also bear in mind that this is really, I mean really thick fabric. I've got the swatch and IMO it should only be used for overcoats. If you're ok with that then yes, nice option for heavy flannel trousers.
@NickCarraway As far as I can see this seems to be the bespoke model. Andrew told me the RTW one will be available closer to November this year
I am sorry for the late reply but I remember I promised more photos of the Hudson Navy Plain jacket.Well here they are, I got a few more of the details if you are interested. A bit more info in the post: http://blueloafers.com/tailoring-2/late-evening-blackheath-look/ 
Thank you Vanda team for the contest. I spent my $50 voucher on this beautiful 36oz printed Macclesfield silk 6-fold tie:  
Collar wings are 3 3/8'' long. Collar band - 1 5/8'', band near the button - 1.25''
Thank you, I am very happy both with the fit and the collar. I finally managed to get 2 styles that works best for me, this one which is more elegant, dress shirt-like and more spread one which I used i.e. for seersucker shirt or the denim. 
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