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Thanks, price looks very good. Does it feel thick? What would you say about the weight?
Which exact fabric is it? There are few of those white twills from Rubinelli. I quite like the Calliope B and Catuno BCO. Which one did you go for and how does it feel?
Mine is usually 3.5cm in the front, 4.5cm in the back. Collar points are 9cm. Yes, I think you have to find one that works best for you. 
Would order number be enough? It is #16994
Finally arrived :). I've been after grey striped shirt for a while now.  
Yes, that's correct on EU bespoke program.
 That would be Bespoke
Great look Erik @EFV Yesterday too:
Untipped ties I got for myself come from Vanda, Poszetka and Drake's. That is my reference. Don't remember others now. I am not making any case here, so dont know why some act like it is a court. Think I explained myself already. Thanks for input @TweedyProf and others. Next time will just ask Patrizio instead
So I corrected myself in the second part of the sentence and stressed I meant 'roll'. I am sure you can make an edge by hand and make it flat. So not saying it hasn't been done by hand. If it was then it is not very much to my liking. If it wasn't and I was still expecting it then my bad.
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