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At last the other pair - fed blue twill chino. They need some minor adjustments in the front area though. Already agreed on some with Luxire, looking forward to the next pair. This is a new design for me with single forward pleat and it is not spot on yet [[SPOILER]]
I see your point. Personally I dont feel like it is too busy, especially directly from the front but surely there is always room for improvement. Havent tried it with on-seam pockets yet. Thanks
Thanks @lukejackson I don't do that. Once my pattern is spot on, I do not adjust it anymore. No worries. You will be very happy. Fabric is amazing. I only went for it after seeing the swatch. Can't comment on breathability but colour and softness-wise it is fantastic
Finally managed to take a few shots of my Olive Green Plain Linen trousers. Double pleats forward. Fabric is fantastic, very soft, not rough at all compared to other linen fabrics I have used before.  [[SPOILER]]
I was told Luxire is expecting the fabrics to arrive soon. Still waiting for mine too
A little bit of sun in London today. Wearing Luxire seersucker shirt and lightweight wool trousers  
Guys,   this is my first ever bespoke bag. I was in the market for a black leather office bag/overnight bag when Azzuraa contacted me and offered to make one of their bags. My inspiration clearly was the Berluti bag with a simple small side pocket only and a bigger, zip outside pocket. My idea was to create a bag I can use for travelling to a meetings or simply to carry a lunch, laptop and more papers. I defined the dimensions of each of the pockets/compartments as well...
@EFV again Erik, already told you on Instagram but hey, they look and fit you amazingly well; well done both Luxire and you
   I would say that during the week in the working hours so before 12 and after 2 you should be able to get a best service in the Lime St store. Lime St will also have the shortest waiting time for the MTM service, both appointment and delivery. Cant say much about the stock, that varies very much from store to store but they can check if the other london stores have got what you are after. @fadeawayyx if you want to be measured for mtm I would suggest arranging an...
Thank you Sir, It actually depends on how the Jort line jacket fits you or how much more modification you would like to have. Unfortunately I do not own any of the Jort line suits.My advice would be: Jort - fits you well and you are happy with fabric/style combination then go for itMTM - if any of the above is 'no' then mtm
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