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Anton also offered to send me some pocket squares free of charge. I did a post on them here: (link).    In my opinion the best thing about them is an exclusive art work that has been printed on the silk pocket square. It is also important for me that they acknowledge the artist. Knight's Move is my favourite and have to say that it is one of the nicest new designs I have seen on pocket square.  Since then R. Culturi started finishing the edges by hand, some of the first...
Summer vibes, again Suit: Suitsupply Shirt: Luxire Tie: E.G. Cappelli PS: Monsieur Fox
Thanks! You will! Only with different trousers :D
@SprezzaTrash Thanks, was thinking about it and concluded that with a belt it would look almost too classic - therefore difficult to wear in todays environment (casual weekends, city etc)
Sleeves have been made as if I would wear it as an over shirt but I prefer to make it even more casual and fold up. I can see why you dislike the jeans. They are very old, have been washed number of times and worn sock less with loafers are ok imo. Very casual hence the creased linen shirt underneath too. DO you think denim does not work at all or maybe a different pair would do?Agree, for me the creased denim and linen actually work quite well. Does not mean though that I...
Testing the mtm B&Tailor safari jacket today. Finally summer day in the city (y)  
Hope it is ok to post it here. We teamed up with Harry to organize small Instagram giveaway contest. Everyone has a chance to win one of H.N. White ties from the new spring prints collection. All you have to do is reblog the contest photo (link to Instagram), tag it #hnwlondongives and follow our profiles (@hnwlondon and @blueloafers). Entries must be submitted by tomorrow night 23:59 (GMT). Good luck guys!  
Thanks, price looks very good. Does it feel thick? What would you say about the weight?
Which exact fabric is it? There are few of those white twills from Rubinelli. I quite like the Calliope B and Catuno BCO. Which one did you go for and how does it feel?
Mine is usually 3.5cm in the front, 4.5cm in the back. Collar points are 9cm. Yes, I think you have to find one that works best for you. 
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