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I do not like Elvis and hate this song :P thanks for the link anyway ;)
Does anyone else have a problem with adding Monti White 120/2 or 140/2 to their carts? There seem to be a bug of some sort as the customization page is not loading
Hi @agedashidofu . I am not sure this model is available as a standard RTW, I just wrote to Rezso and let him know what would I like and if they are able to do that. So it was an MTO order. I have seen suede from Vass which was rather rough and also fluffy, a bit too much for my liking. I asked for a soft suede and what I got is very nice. It is soft and quite smooth. If you zoom in the 2nd picture though you will see a mark on left shoe (outer side) so it is not...
Just wanted to share a few photos I took recently of my latest pair of Vass shoes - finally 'blue loafers' has arrived. Courier damaged the box a little unfortunately   Should publish a blog post over the weekend or Monday.         Photos taken during different light conditions, hence the white balance is a bit off on some of the pics, sorry
@luxire How one can order a bag and how much do they cost? These are lovely!
I think those fit you really well. Great fit on the hips and waist! I think you'll love the fabric, true all-year-round pair of trousers. Enjoy them
Hi @Katt. To me the fit is very good. As you say, they might be just a little bit too long but very nice anyway. As a side note. Do you guys noticed that Luxire is much better with trousers that have no pleats. Look at the fit above. Someone mentioned pleats for him to be not deep enough which is one thing, but sometimes even on my own trousers I see fabric pulling across the pleat. What do you guys think?
[[SPOILER]] Fabric looks really nice! Which one is it?
In your case they should be very good. -10 already? Oh boy..you better get these warm trousers asap :)I've got a pair in grey wool flannel (my first Luxire pair, do not wear them too often - they're only suitable for really cold days here in UK) and a swatch of camel wool flannel. My impression is that the camel swatch is thicker than grey, stiffer as well
No problem. Yes, exactly. I'd say that it would be way to thick for winter in Netherlands ;)
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