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I've been using a cheap gel called gorilla snot, & wanted to upgrade to something better. My hair is about 5 inches long, & i normally style it like david beckham in his h&m ads or if in a hurry i just slick it back. After i put the gel i use some kendra 25 hairspray. I've heard that AC fiber, jonathan dirt, & aveda pure formance are good products but dont know which one to choose. Any recommendations?
Anyone know were i can get a pair of these boots or similar?
Anyone know were i can buy similar boots like these?
Idk if someone answered you but they will mold to your feet after a few wears making them comfortable. I wear 8.5 in regular shoes too & went down to a 7.5 & they fit perfect, "you usually go down .5-1 size down" redwing store employee helped me out. The small scuffs are normal you will be getting alot more of that with more wear, it gives it a unique look to them.
Guys i dropped alittle bleach on my 8111 wile i was cleaning my cloths, it only dropped on my right shoe, & now it has a small white dot . Is there anything that can remove it?
Who has a pair of the 8111 iron rangers color amber, if so does the color change to a lighter brown as you wear them?
I liked them i ended up buying the black iron ranger brogues & a regular pair of brown iron rangers
What do you guys think about the iron ranger brogues?
Ok thanks its like 80-90 degrees over here so would a pair of gap lived in chinos be better?
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