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Got a large one
Doing a leather swap with a forumite get ready for some wallets made with porosus and shell
Killing it dude keep it up!
Looks awesome, the construction is top notch
You just need to keep using it. My shell had a matte feel when I first got it but its now very slick. Give it a month or so of regular use and it should sheen up. Don't worry about minor oil smudges, unless its bad chemical stains they won't even be noticeable in the future. ^Guitar2013, my shell wallet gets wet all the time because I hike in the rain and it doesn't seem to affect it at all. It's not waterproof but it dries back to its natural sheen.
Here's a full shell wallet
Selling my unused full shell cordovan wallet in black. I have one in hybrid and I really love the full shell but its a tad too thick for me, I'm a minimalist. Selling it for xxx AUD and I'm happy to ship overseas. I forgot to make a zip braid but I'll make sure to do so before shipping, it will also be made from the same hide of shell cordovan. Let me know if you have any questions, don't miss this beaut!
My shell wallet after about 4 months of use
I didn't take an inside pic of the shell but it will be identical to the calf one I've made:
Thanks! I started about a year ago and I would recommend working on calf rather than jumping straight into shells. I've had no luck getting shells from horween and other suppliers but I managed to buy a piece from a member in sufu. Best of luck with your venture
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