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Hi guys lurker here, I've made a google doc similar to the one made by jgill79, it contains all the makers tags. pm me for access, love the thread etc etc hopefully i'll upload some pics of my finds soon! (no dior monsieur this time!) :D
  200 dollars for this dsquared2 leather jacket, good enough to flip (doesn't fit)? thanks   also my tie collection thanks to you guys! :D     includes lanvin, buglari, ysl, polo, hermes, balenciaga, zenga, hardy amies, brioni. :)
edit: dp
I know this is out of date but someone might find it useful.   I found an shirt made by Abrahams in a charity shop. The quality struck me as very good (didn't buy it as it was too big). I don't know if they do bespoke shirting but they do bespoke suits.    there ya go! ;)
I would never wear them but........
any idea who makes the prada's made in italy?
Looks great.
wearing my JS black turtle neck lovely
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