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Hi everyone, Selling 3 pairs of jeans as they no longer fit me. All worn and washed (see pictures), but lots of life. Shipping from Switzerland, paypal preferred, prices do not include shipping. #1) Dior Homme MII, black jeans, size 29, 21cm Waist with dip: 39.5cm Thigh: 28cm Opening: 21cm Inseam (HEMMED): 81cm Do not know what season, but slight sheen to the black. Price: 80Euro #2) Dior Homme MIJ, black raw, size 30, 19cm Waist with dip: 42cm Thigh: 27.5 Opening:...
Hi everyone, Just bought this ring off SUFU, unfortunately it is too big for me. Some details (from the previous seller): Asking 90 EURO shipped from Switzerland. Collection: Spring-Summer 2008 Item code: 35UQ040 Country: Made in Italy Material: Metal Main Colour: Silver-tone Labeled Size: S (Small) Height: 18.7 mm (0.738 in) Diameter: 19.1 mm (0.753 in) Circumference: 60 mm (2.362 in) Equivalent Size: 9 1/4 (60) Gender: Mens / Unisex Condition: Used / Pre-Owned With...
Hi everyone, Looking for the following: 1) DH MIJ 19CM indigo sz.30 - unworn, or in good condition 2) DH Bee polos/shirts, really anything bee related, (S/M) 3) Hedi era belts, sz 85-95 4) Other cool hedi era items in sizes mentioned above. Thanks!
this is stunning.
Drops. $180+shipping or $350+shipping for both!
Re: the Topys: I didn't know this was a "can o' worms" topic - I have only heard about girls Toppy'ing their heels in the past and have never done so for many of my dress shoes. Mind you, I have only work rubber-soled <$100 dress shoes before...SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by mishon I tried these on some time back at Neiman Marcus in San Diego and the leather had visible creases after a few minutes of walking on carpet. I bought Santoni FAM double monks instead. I noticed the creasing as well, but unfortunately Santoni is hard to come by in Vancouver. /Thanks everyone for the quick replies - I went back and snagged the burgundy pair in my size (sized 1/2 up due to narrower...
Pics and prices added. Now up for sale.
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