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As title states, bought these from a fellow forum member and never wore them. I had them TOPY'ed right away as you can see from the pictures. Shipping included from Switzerland to anywhere in EU. Will ship worldwide, at cost.
As title states, price includes shipping from Switzerland to anywhere in EU. Will ship worldwide at cost. Denim is in very good condition. Wax can still be felt throughout the jean. Minimal creasing, no rips/alterations/stains. Measurements: Waist: 39.5 with dip, buttoned Thigh: 26.5cm Opening: 17.1cm
Hi everyone, One pair lef - 85 EURO for DH MIJ Selling 3 pairs of jeans as they no longer fit me. All worn and washed (see pictures), but lots of life. Shipping from Switzerland, paypal preferred, prices do not include shipping. #1) Dior Homme MII, black jeans, size 29, 21cm Waist with dip: 39.5cm Thigh: 28cm Opening: 21cm Inseam (HEMMED): 81cm Do not know what season, but slight sheen to the black. Price: SOLD #2) Dior Homme MIJ, black raw, size 30, 19cm Waist with...
Hi everyone, Just bought this ring off SUFU, unfortunately it is too big for me. Some details (from the previous seller): Asking 75 EURO shipped from Switzerland. Collection: Spring-Summer 2008 Item code: 35UQ040 Country: Made in Italy Material: Metal Main Colour: Silver-tone Labeled Size: S (Small) Height: 18.7 mm (0.738 in) Diameter: 19.1 mm (0.753 in) Circumference: 60 mm (2.362 in) Equivalent Size: 9 1/4 (60) Gender: Mens / Unisex Condition: Used / Pre-Owned With...
Hi everyone, Looking for the following: 1) DH MIJ 19CM indigo sz.30 - unworn, or in good condition 2) DH Bee polos/shirts, really anything bee related, (S/M) 3) Hedi era belts, sz 85-95 4) Other cool hedi era items in sizes mentioned above. Thanks!
this is stunning.
Drops. $180+shipping or $350+shipping for both!
Re: the Topys: I didn't know this was a "can o' worms" topic - I have only heard about girls Toppy'ing their heels in the past and have never done so for many of my dress shoes. Mind you, I have only work rubber-soled <$100 dress shoes before...SF.
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