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  Crane's sells them separately. I asked them to send me one with my 256 if they couldn't get the 256 pre-installed with the handle from Filson. I don't remember the exact cost, but of the top of my head, it was $10-12.
  The material is called melton. I assume the name for the detail is collar melton.
Hold off on wingtips until you get a pair of black and a pair of brown captoes. philosophe has the right idea as to whether brown or black would serve you better.   Allen Edmonds or Meermin if you're buying new.   If you're comfortable with buying used, then check ebay or buy and sell forum. I'll leave brand suggestions up to someone with more experience.
    It looks brighter in the picture. I don't have Photoshop installed on this computer to correct the color. The color irl is more similar to the pictures in this post:   As for it being flimsier than the original colors, I don't have any of the original colors to compare it, but if this is flimsier, then the originals must be bulletproof.
  Use tan Filson's bag.
 On my navy 256, it's in the exterior front pocket. Same with my red 257.
Oops, I accidentally input my name, address, credit card information, and hit submit. :\
I'm so tempted to buy that red 257, but I have a navy 256 on the way. One one hand, it's a superfluous red bag, but on the other hand, it's cheap.
For underwear, if it is clean, fits, has no holes, and is comfortable, I will wear it. I don't really think about color coordination, matching textures, or matching formality with undergarments.
My buying will be marginally affected. Prices online tend to be cheaper than b&m stores even with taxes calculated in and often online retailers offer free shipping. Sometimes local stores don't carry the things I want to buy anyway. For example, I wear wide shoes, which stores sometimes don't have in stock. A lot of online stores offer free returns and exchanges, so getting the wrong size isn't really a big deal. Sometimes, I'd rather no travel to a store, so I'll...
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