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Don't worry. You'll love the celastic toes.Allan
It's a good-looking pair of boots! Can't go wrong with Dress Brown SDs. Allan
In most shoes I wear a 13C or 13D. In the White's Semi-Dress I wear 12.5 with a C ball and a B heel. In my Russell Moccasins PH boots, they are marked 12C, but I know the heel has been narrowed to a B in those boots too. There are a few other moccasin-style boots where I can wear a 12, but mostly I am a true 13. In European sizing I typically wear a 46 or a 47, depending on the shoe/boot. For some reason, shoes/boots like Merrill, Ecco, and many others fit fine in the...
The White's Classic Work Boots come in black, brown, Red Dog and distressed OIL TANNED LEATHER and in black and brown CHROME EXCEL LEATHER. Check this link: http://www.whitesboots.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30674 . It sounds like what you got, Aaron, is the brown oil tanned leather, which is the toughest leather White's uses, and the high oil content in that leather is probably why the hydraulic fluid spots disappeared quickly. The standard oil tanned...
Here are a couple of pictures from the Katahdin boot thread here on Styleforum showing some boots where the toe had been pushed down and partially collapsed with only finger pressure to obtain a lower profile. I like this look better than a completely soft toe. I'm not sure exactly what is used in the toe of the Katahdin boots -- celastic? They are pretty good boots but certainly not the quality of the White's. I'm only showing them here for the partially collapsed toes...
British Tan is really nice. One of my favorites. You'll love it. Some people have problems with water spotting, but I think a good initial coating with Obenauf's LP would solve the problem, even though it might darken the leather some. Slightly darker looks good to me also. Allan
B-Ewing, The brown horsehide is amazing. I've had lots of shell cordovan shoes throughout my life, and the HH is not even close to the same, but it is still nothing short of spectacular leather. I have seen all the leathers you are considering, and the HH looks better than any of them in my opinion. The Brown Dress is as dressy, and the British Tan is beautiful, but neither of them have the depth or character of the HH. The color of the HH is somewhere between the two...
Not what I want for myself, but the collapsed toe box does have a certain charm. It's definitely a lower profile. I have thick toes, so a higher toe box is more to my liking. For comfort, a mocassin-style toe is my favorite. But I like the looks of many other toe styles, including pointed toe cowboy boots. Allan
B-Ewing, those SJs look brand new and outstanding! Remind me of the leather, please. Allan
Use the knot found at this link. http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/secureknot.htm I was taught to tie the same knot (but with a different technique) when I was 8 years old and have been using it all my life. Your laces won't slip. Allan
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