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Quote: Originally Posted by scarmebb How would you know that I lack intelligence. You have absolutly no insight into my capacities. We still have enough insight into your "capacities" in order to be able to agree with Jovan about your intelligence. Just because of people like you many users won't post pictures and prefer to stay anonymous.
The last time I've visited a Prada flagshipstore they had about 3 different jeans in a pricerange from 180-300 Euro. All of them don't look even close to the black jeans from Yoox so I assume this is an older model. The "cheapest" one costs about 180 euro and was unwashed in a dark blue colour tone. Looks pretty much like my Helmut Lang jeans (even the Prada sales person said that Helmut Lang jeans look very similiar) which just costed me about 130 Euro. The one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 Anyone know where Nudie RRDS can be had for around 200? Thanks. They cost about 60 Euro (80 Dollar) in the saletime in Europe.
What I dislike about Dior jeans is the (very) tight cut which doesn't fit me very well. I saw some nice Dior jeans a few weeks ago and maybe I'll give them a try as soon as I get in that store again but I think that they will be too tight for me.
As I am a fan of Helmut Lang denim (who belonged to the Prada company) I am thinking about buying a pair of Prada jeans. They cost about 180-300 Euro in the Prada flagshipstores and I think I'll get a discount of 30 % in the upcoming winter sale. Does anyone has experience with Prada jeans? Are they worth the price?
What I can tell you about levis jeans: I just bought a pair of 507 levis bootcut jeans for 60 euro and i am pretty happy with them. The wash is nice but the best thing about levis jeans is the fact that they are very comfortable to wear. Of course there are better jeans out there, but for that price you can't go wrong with them if you have the opportunity to try them on in a store in order to find out if they fit you nice.
You can get many clothes of him here:
If I find the time I handwash all the expensive clothes, because they don't lose their colour and they don't look older after a time which I personally hate.
I honestly don't think that you can get good stuff from Helmut Lang in NYC anymore...
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