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 I got the grey Black Hills last year (bought with a pair of polished brown Cascades during the 2 for $250 sale) and have been wearing them much more than I thought I would.   Contrary to some of the reviews on the AE site, I find them to be super comfortable.  I'm not sure if it's just my pair (seconds), but there's a good hint of brown in the color that doesn't really show up in the online photos. 
 Yeah, that's my thought as well.  As long as you're occasionally giving them some oil (whether from boot oil, obenauf's or sno-seal), the leather will be fine.  If they get truly soaked, I'd probably spend a few moments reapplying (as water does deplete the oils in the leather).
I coated a pair of my desert boots with two coats of Obenauf's LP (Sno-Seal should also work), melting each coat in using a hairdryer (and paying special attention to the welt).  Sure, they're not completely waterproof, but they're close.... The trick was to make sure that the rough edges of the welt were completely covered in the wax.  Of course, either of these will darken the leather.
 Yeah, I bought Dan Erlewine's "How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great" a few years ago...  He definitely explains things in great detail. My favorite part of, erg, HtMYEGPG is the explanations of how different pro's guitars (rock, blues, jazz, rockabilly, etc...) are setup and why.  So, after learning how to do the adjustments, you can then dial in the action, relief and pickup height of Brian Setzer or Albert King. One trick I learned from the book is to try...
Obenauf's will darken the Chips slightly, but I still think it's the best choice.  If you're talking street-slush-type snow (with salt, etc...), then I'd definitely coat them before the first use (the hairdryer method works well).  Getting salt stains out of uncoated leather isn't fun, with Obenauf's, the salt brushes right off when dry.
 I've never had Lexol permanently darken anything to any real degree (unless the leather was overly-dry to begin with).  I'd just wait it out...
From a business point of view, it would make sense for them to simply eliminate their brick/mortar locations and instead offer free two-way shipping for returns (like amazn prime) ... Part of the reason LE is appealing to me is the cost, especially of their sale merchandise.  I certainly hope they don't decide to open a set of their own stores (which will only add costs that will be passed down to the consumer)...
Pink tie?
 I played with the EH Cathedral a while back.  Definitely in the 'awesome' category.  Not cheap though.
The Vibram on the LLBean model might be a bit more 'grippy' than the Vibram GumLite sole on the 20065.  It could just be the wax that's used floors at my office, but in my 20065s, I can skid like Tom Cruise in Risky Business if I try hard enough.  I'm sure it'd be fine in snow, but I'll feel more comfortable with a lugged sole ... and the extra 2" of leather will help with climbing through snow mounds at the curb (while keep the snow from falling into the boot).
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