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I found this "invitation" in the latest Lands' End catalog.  Silly.         
I'm pretty sure LLBean will take back anything that you're not satisfied with. Give them a call...
 When I'm doing a full-coat of LP, I hit it with a hair dryer to work it in...  If it's just a touch-up, I typically don't bother with it.  Lacking heat, I think you end up with wax-coated leather instead of wax-infused (which is likely more water-resistant).  Heating it also lets you get a few more coats onto the leather without it getting tacky or gummy. I used a toothbrush to work shoe cream into the boots (see my earlier posts) and it definitely helped to get it around...
^^ @mjoneson -- those look like LLBean's Katahdin Iron Works boots....   http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/49464?page=mens-katahdin-iron-worksreg-engineer-boots
 It really depends on your build...  LE usually puts their shirt measurements online.  I'd buy a few sizes in slim and tailored fit and just see what works for you.  They're rather inexpensive and returns are easy. 
 Yeah, I found the same thing w/ the LE slim fit dress shirts (both oxford and pinpoint oxford) when buying my true neck size: the arm hole orientation somehow limited my arm movement (even though the shirt looked like it fit decently) .  Sizing up in slim didn't help either.  For low-cost shirts, I've stuck with the LE tailored fit (stepping down a half neck size for a better fit in those shirts that I don't plan on wearing with a tie).  The construction of the 'regular'...
 I got the grey Black Hills last year (bought with a pair of polished brown Cascades during the 2 for $250 sale) and have been wearing them much more than I thought I would.   Contrary to some of the reviews on the AE site, I find them to be super comfortable.  I'm not sure if it's just my pair (seconds), but there's a good hint of brown in the color that doesn't really show up in the online photos. 
 Yeah, that's my thought as well.  As long as you're occasionally giving them some oil (whether from boot oil, obenauf's or sno-seal), the leather will be fine.  If they get truly soaked, I'd probably spend a few moments reapplying (as water does deplete the oils in the leather).
I coated a pair of my desert boots with two coats of Obenauf's LP (Sno-Seal should also work), melting each coat in using a hairdryer (and paying special attention to the welt).  Sure, they're not completely waterproof, but they're close.... The trick was to make sure that the rough edges of the welt were completely covered in the wax.  Of course, either of these will darken the leather.
 Yeah, I bought Dan Erlewine's "How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great" a few years ago...  He definitely explains things in great detail. My favorite part of, erg, HtMYEGPG is the explanations of how different pro's guitars (rock, blues, jazz, rockabilly, etc...) are setup and why.  So, after learning how to do the adjustments, you can then dial in the action, relief and pickup height of Brian Setzer or Albert King. One trick I learned from the book is to try...
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