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I'm in Atlanta, but would arrange a trip down to see my daughters in the TB area, for this and Cigar City.
I've tired two of my three pair, both with boots and ranger mocs. I'll not buy more I'm fussy about socks and like them to stay up, these just don't work for me. An unabashed plug, love every pair I've bought from American Trench.
With you on this got the olive and have been wearing it to death, but now the weather in Atlanta is not cooperating.
There are two items I really like from Gustin - jeans, tshirts. I can't wear their shirts, they just don't work on this old body, and the socks refuse to stay up.   I'm not into leather jackets but have been reading the posts. I also shop at Taylor Stitch, mostly for their over shirts and jackets. Take a look at their leather jacket.
Really I found the socks to be a big disappointment.
Take a look at Gustin.
I'll take another one myself.
Got my Rover in dark olive Monday, happy as hell with it. My first experience with waxed cotton, great for walking the dogs in the rain. Hey TS how about a waxed hat like a Tilley airflow.
I agree, like a nice roll in my collar. Have stayed away from their button downs for that reason.
Good to know I'm anxiously awaiting mine.
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