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What can anyone tell me about the comfort of the Essex leather.I'm getting ready to order a pair of Rangers and would like a take on Essex vs. CXL. I've a pair of Wolverine 1000 miles in CXL that are ridiculously comfortable.
Looking at both the chromexcel and essex Ranger mocs, anyone have experience with both. Interested in comfort and durability.
Take a look at the offerings from Gustin, Epaulet, and Taylor Stitch.
Just picked up two pair of the camp shorts really like them.
I agree I won't buy there BD shirts. I'm very old school like the old unfused Brooks Brothers collars, lots of roll. Get them on ebay old stock made in the USA. 
An Oorang is a strain of Airedale bred to be very large, used to hunt mountain lions and bears.    Oorang Airedale is the name given to larger-size Airedales. They are purebred Airedales and most are registered with the American Kennel Club. In America, they have been around for almost as long as the standard-size Airedale. The AKC standard for Airedales reads: "Dogs should measure approximately 23 inches in height at the shoulder; bitches, slightly less. Both sexes...
tried to delete this post when I could not figure out how to upload a picture, but couldn't.
I agree I like to be about to see my meager collection. I now however have acquired a major problem with that, an Oorang Airedale. This 2 yr old 97 pound rescue has taken the laces out of every pair of shoes/boots I have and eaten them. In spite of a head the size of a baketball and huge jaws, he has done no damage to the shoe or boots. They now reside on the upper closet shelf on the Banks cedar rack. Benjos loves me.
I've been gone for quite awhile, anyone know whwre I can find a pair of CXL penny loafers. Wearing the heck out of my #8s and whisky.
The Everlanes I got were terrible. I've had good luck with both Taylor Stitch and Gustin. I think I preffer the Gustins as they have a smaller neck hole, there must be a better word for that.
New Posts  All Forums: