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You and me both, too many beers. Shirts usually fit great everywhere but the stomach. I do buy their t shirts and they fit great. Have a shirt in transit we'll see how it goes.
Nearly choked on my IPA.
AriGold I just got an email from Tellason offering free shipping both ways and encouraging buyers to order as many pair as they'd like, try them on and only buy the ones that fit right.
For those of you who purchased the Essex ranger mocs. Phil at Ashland Leather made up this Bugs Moran for me.
For those of you who like me are big fans of Essex I thought I'd share this. Phil at Ashland Leather made this great Bugs Moran wallet for me out of Essex.
Not yet, been wearing my Taylor Stitch ranger mocs on and off for awhile. Phil at Ashland has been kind enough to make me a wallet in Essex.
A second on the indigo t thing is great. 
When I got my Essex ranger mocs they advised going down half a size. Are you advising to go true to size on these? What the procedure for ordering? Thanks,Stewart
Not resloeable, drat definitely need to get the PDG ones. Love the Essex, just had Ashland make up a wallet for me in it.
^^^ Thanks, that sole looks a lot more supportive than mine on the Taylor Stitch version. I think mine will probably wear out fast then I'll get them replaced.
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