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Good to know I'm anxiously awaiting mine.
Mike interested in trying out one of your Jersey Tees, but confused on sizing you show both the large and xlarge with 21" chests is that so?
Try Tommy John.
Two questions, has anyone else experienced speed hocks ripping out, I' lost two now, and is it easy to get them resoled with commando soles. Thanks, Stewart
Need Supply has a sale on including Aldens.
Love these, find myself wearing them as soon as I get home from work.
I've a question, maybe it's because I'm older, but I'm used to pants with creases. Are these suitable for work without them?
I've tired numerous t- shirts and like theirs the best> Have 2 whites and the heavy indigo one. Love the indigo one!
Take a look at American Trench, received three pair two weeks ago and could not be happier. American made to boot!
New Posts  All Forums: