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For anyone seeking a Whiskey Ashland wallet. http://mildblend.com/products/ashland-leather-bugs-moran-shell-cordovan-wallet-in-whiskey
I'm so used to pleat Bill's with cuffs that the Epaulets look wierd on me.
Don't mean to hijack this thread, but check out Taylor Stitch's Essex Rancourts.
So ok I'm an old fart, and I've a question I like the fabrics and cut of the Epaulet  trousers. However I've always worn pants with a crease all the pictures show uncreased pants, was there a style change I missed?
I've the twill, like it at it's price point. Very functional.
Metal suits the boots better IMO.
What can anyone tell me about the comfort of the Essex leather.I'm getting ready to order a pair of Rangers and would like a take on Essex vs. CXL. I've a pair of Wolverine 1000 miles in CXL that are ridiculously comfortable.
Looking at both the chromexcel and essex Ranger mocs, anyone have experience with both. Interested in comfort and durability.
Take a look at the offerings from Gustin, Epaulet, and Taylor Stitch.
Just picked up two pair of the camp shorts really like them.
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