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Check out the products from Ashland. Custom made me a Bugs Moran in Horween's Essex, love it.
When I'm told a shoe will stretch and to order a half size smaller, I don't expect them to stretch overnight. In order to do so they must be worn for awhile. Once worn for any period of time it is difficult to return them. I now own an unwearable pair of shoes that cannot be returned. Medoc do you find that reasonable?   Particularly when another vendor selling the same model suggests going true to size.
Was rather hoping TS would respond toy post re the Essex Ranger Mocs.   I've since purchased a pair of the olive green bison mocs from Portland Dry Goods and they recommended going true to size, worked.   I love the Essex from Horween, but cannot wear the ones I got any more.
Think this is a sickness. Bought the Black Watch Yosemite, the Rover and am now seriously considering the Pendleton.
I've a pair of the Essex ranger Mocs in a size 10.5 I'd like to find a home for. I took their suggestion and order them a half size smaller than normal. they have NOT stretched and my big toe on my left foot is black and blue from trying. I'll let them go at a good price as they still have a pair of 11s available.
I'm waiting too.
Ah a good Mezcal, fresh lime juice, and a bit of agave mix. If you like smoke Mezcals the way to go.
I recently rescued a two year old Ooorang, a non standard large Airedale. This fella weighted in at 109 when I got him, standard around 55, he's down to 90 now.   Damnest thing his head is huge, but he has managed to unlace and devour the laces in every pair of shoes and boots I have.  Absolutely no damage to the shoes, one of which is a pair of mocha suede NSTs. If I'm stupid enough to leave them where he can get them he'll unlace them. I've had three sets of laces in...
You and me both, too many beers. Shirts usually fit great everywhere but the stomach. I do buy their t shirts and they fit great. Have a shirt in transit we'll see how it goes.
Nearly choked on my IPA.
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