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Just bought a pair of Essex ranger mocs from Taylor Stitch, http://taylorstitch.com/collections/mens-accessories/products/natural-essex-ranger-moc, can't say that I'm a big fan of the lactae havea soles, don't think they'll last long. Want a good rain/slush worthy pair.
I'll take a 4 eye bulcher with montello mini lugs.
How do you get those? I don't see that style under kudu? Nor kudu in the 1967 options. I want a pair but with lugged soles. 
Shell Wallets. For those of you seeking great Ashland shell wallets try Mildblend. Ashland is sold out of all the shell ones on their site.
Just got a pair of Essex Ranger Mocs through Taylor Stitch. Great shoe I love the feel of the Essex.
I've a rather strange question. I've a pair of chinos that fit just fine except from the knee down the pants take a very noticable angle toward the inside. And no I'm not bow legged. I find it disconcering to look down and see something other than a straight drop. I never wear they pants out it's that noticeable.
Just got my frist good pair of raw denims, and have a question, I'm an older man who usually gets his tousers hemmed at at tailor. However I'd like to roll these up problem is my 30 inch inseam, there's a good six inches to deal with.Help!
Is anyone else having trouble getting a response from Taylor Stitch lately. I'm trying to get the latest update on the Rancourts.
Just visited the site, where do I find the bottom shirt?
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