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Does the John last fit true to size, looking at the new bison boots.
Rancourt, any update on the Knox Boot preorders?
Looking at the new Knox Boot on a 115 last. Does it fit true to size?
Agree on the bison not stretching much at all.
Give Gustin a try.
Try Portland Dry Goods they carry the olive beefroll, and my favorites the olive bison rangers.
I must add to my previous post. Some of my favorite purchases have come from them: the olive waxed rover, black watch overshirt, and my constantly worn camp shorts.
Only thing I can compare is their t's. I find Gustin's to be heavier and I like their neckline better. Just got the telegraph suit, love the fabric, but I think I'm buying clothes meant for a much younger man. Not used to such a low rise, and I've had too many beers to comfortably button my size 46 jacket. Someone please do for us old farts what, TS, Gustin and Epaulet has done for you young'ns.
Anyone with the Gustin Duffle bag, does it meet carryon requirements?
I recently returned a pair of the naturals size 35 slim if anyone is interested.
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