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1/2 size smaller and they'd be gone. Damn you, NAMOR.
Man, if only these were my size!!
Pretty sure you're well versed in that...
Never really thought of using a product like that on calf. Typically my shoes have a least a coat of two of wax on them. Shell is different as I don't have any product on them at all so a water repellent can be handy.
When it comes to selling, I don't worry about feedback with the buyer typically. They really assume all the risk. As long as they pay, I ship. About the enthusiast thing...I dunno...I guess they can like shoes as much as a posting member, but doesn't participate.  The account switching can be shady, but like above, if you got the money then you're good.
Hmmm. Good to know. Although I have not seen these types of prices from my usual favorite sellers.
Seems awfully cheap for a NOS 16600. That should command a higher premium than that. If we are talking USD of course.
I wear my Galways straight through the summer to work. If I go "out on the town" and am wearing long pants, if wear the Galways as well. I don't see any temperature differences from shoes, personally.If I had a suede shaft on a Galway, I would not treat it. It's far enough up on the boot where it is pretty protected.
Congratulations!I really hope I'm able to say that someday.
LMAO. Well it is Omega.....
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