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LOL. I can't help you with this one, ddd. 
That's a pretty lame excuse. 
What???? No pics, yet???!!!????
I would be in on either suede or CC. Not sure about the grey till I (hopefully) see it on Wednesday. 
 I agree. Overall concept is what I was going for...You mean the Harrogate on 202???? haha! I do want that makeup.
Yea, ddd...I was also going to say that the catalog does not include quite a few models. It's rather tough to see everything that is offered. 
 Holy trinity they are beauties. Congrats!
I ultimately sent mine back because they were too dark. They had a couple finishing issues that I could have overlooked if they were a nice olive-y cigar. Since they were almost black I figured I might as well just send them back. 
I just asked Yenni about these on Plaza. No go at the moment.
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