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^^ Welcome and nice Indys!
I'm with Ttown...loafers are shady.
Thanks, Rog...but I can't take credit for someone else's collection haha. 
Wasn't me. They are quite tempting, but I have the Rosewood without shearling. 
I don't think so. My unlined EG chukka does it all. I wear them with denim and I wear them to the office with chinos. The shape of the 202 last is so pretty you can dress them up a bit. To date they are my most complimented pair at the office. 
Very cool, Moosic!
It's not life or death. I'm not running around barefoot.I just have 2 weddings in early April that these would be bad ass for! Like I said, if the lead time is 4 months it doesn't sound promising anyway. I'm ok waiting to be part of the larger group.That being said, if a couple guys want to go a little early...I am still recovering from a Saint Crispin's purchase...I can do a deposit on 12/7 when I get back from vacation.
Even ordering next month doesn't sound too promising if it's an estimated 4 months. Lots of holidays coming up, too. What do you guys think?
If we do these in January, will we have them by April???   If not, maybe we can get a group to go sooner??
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