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Exactly. Selling a speedy pro won't make much of a dent in a Daytona. Keep it.
Wow. Only 2 posts later...
I remember when Ryden ordered his Galways from BB...I believe he even called and spoke to someone to confirm and they still sent him the wrong size.
Sounds formal to me...
I agree SFTG.
Before I actually tried on the style (and didn't like it on me) the Lobb double monk was the shoe of all shoes for me. I'm a casual guy by nature. I feel like I "should" own a pair of Lobbs, but I think that is the extent of it.
Opinions will vary here, but I think the Speedy is a better chrono.
Not anyone outside of Horween I would imagine.
I think that the EG thread leans heavily towards more casual makeups. I don't think that is in JL's wheelhouse. Plus the next step for the Alden riff raff seems to be EG...not Lobb. I'll own a pair of Lobbs someday, but I'm in no hurry. And it probably will be a captoe oxford, haha.
Very nice!
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