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Thank you, sir!
Agree...  The Brandy Willow has trumped the Doak in my collection, but still hasn't beaten the Mahogany CC as my favorite. 
Maybe he thought it was for Poor Men and their watches, haha. With all the shoes @TtownMD has bought in the past year or so he's got to be poor!!
Very cool. Looked like the flash was altering the color so I was curious of the true color.
What color is the bezel, Ttown?
Just sayin'. haha
You should have one of those little suede eraser blocks and some suede spray like Nano Protector.
Thanks, Mimo. Exactly what I was looking for.
^^ Very nice!
I saw a model on Instagram (I think) with a copper colored dial and I almost fell outta my chair. Really nice. Are there different levels of that watch? Most of the models on Ashford seem to hover around $2500.
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