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Haha. Not me. Set it and forget it!
There aren't many watches (if any) that I like that have the day on a disc. Not a fan.
I'd take either clasp to be honest. I had no issues with my old Subs stamped clasp. Since I don't use my Glidelock for micro-adjusting the fit, I probably don't use it to it's most useful potential. I do prefer the outward appearance of the newer clasps, though. They "look" higher quality and a bit more fitting with the rest of the watch. IMO.
That is a great shoe! I've been flirting with the Elmsley for years.
The Subs (ceramic with glidelock) come with a half link. I'm glad that the Sub has a half link. I don't use my Glidelock to adjust fit, I only use it as a dive extension. Ya know...what it's meant for...hahaha
KILLER!!! ^^^
@bkdc I believe that was @bkotsko and yes that was the real deal.
Sheer bad ass-ery I assume, Rog!
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