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Wow...the shade on those Chukkas....
Did it address you as "Hey shoe guy..."
Might be....stay tuned.
No amount of Galways is enough.
LOL. I honestly don't have that many shoes. 11 pairs, maybe. I didn't count the pairs in Burzan's post, but it looked like more than I have.
Thanks, Cleav!Might be a while...this unlined suede and thin rubber sole might make these a bear to break in! Hahahahaha!Thanks, Rog!
Actually I collected them from my office today. They were delivered on Sat.Thanks!
Just picked these boots up from the office, today. EG Shanklins in Coffee suede.
^^ Wow. Great looking pair of boots!
Yes. That is the current Shanklin. The price reflects them being unlined.
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