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This was me 5 days ago.  I guess you should remove me from the Utah/Lavagna interests, @steveyoo1983 
OK...maybe two ways. That AIN'T one of them.
Only one way to fix that...
Add me to that list.
Dammit, why do I already have to have 3 Dovers. So much harder to justify.    Oh wait...suede... Settled.
Crap! I want them.
 I agree. This forum is a different beast from what I am used to. No other forum I've participated in has these "mega threads". New topics are started for each topic/question. Things are a bit more searchable that way, but either method works for me. 
The most frequently asked question here is: "What do you guys think of my/ this watch?".    FAQ post can't answer that. 
Thanks, guys. I have some close ups of the creases, but I was shooting RAW file format and I was too lazy to convert any other pics to JPG last night. 
New Posts  All Forums: