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Man. If I wasn't over my pre-owned shoe buying phase id be all over those Utah Dovers.
Pretty sure that good QC is the reason they were remade a third time. Otherwise they would have shipped the first or second pair.
I did unsubscribe, but a buddy sent me a screenshot of the full size drawing of @edinatlanta 's junk that he drew.
Almost justifies the price!
I am due for an avatar change... <------ Done. My second favorite boot. 
Oh now I get the joke. You think they are better than the Doak Galway on 82. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Why is that funny????
Oh well. One less thread to follow. Unsubscribe.
Like your opinion matters. Get your post count up then we can talk.
9 times out of 10....any watch you buy new from an AD will yield a loss even if selling privately.
New Posts  All Forums: