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You'll get pretty close to getting your money back, yes. (depending on condition)
Only 12 or 18 pairs I think.
That's how I feel about my 114270.
That Nevis in, what, Midnight??? Looks phenomenal. Might have to be my next boot. Not in Midnight, but probably a Nevis.
I would love something in Nightshade. Either a derby or boot. Just don't know what.
+1. Or +82
Agreed. Normally they are made to order and you can choose. I guess he already has them made up.
That is just too good.
Nice! Shearling lined. EG? What last???
I have the F64 from Westley Richards as well as E82, E202 and E606. The F width is definitely wide, but I still ordered my same size. I have to wear a thicker sock in the F64 than I am able to with the other lasts.Westley is primarily a hunting equipment store. The boots are meant for serious country use. I did not plan to wear these as oxfords or derbies with dress socks as they weren't intended for that. They are meant for cold, sloppy weather which is when I use mine....
New Posts  All Forums: