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Yes, I have heard they are a good source as well.
+1. Higuchi is a reliable source as well. I've bought quite a few from him over the years.
^^^ Couldn't agree more. While not a 5513, my 114060 is THE perfect onewatch for me.
Yes, the uppers are wrapped in thin plastic at some point in the manufacturing process. None of my pairs have had, but I imagine I couldn't resist the urge to pull it out.
I used to be self conscious about my wide lacing gap, too. I've just embraced it.Yours look fine. Enjoy them.
Awesome shooz! Love me some Dovers.
Mine are still in the box.
^^^ You've inspired me...maybe I'll... Naaaaahhhhhh. I won't. LOL
Wearing my new Leffot Cooney boots today and I am loving the Aberdeen last. I have one other pair on the Aberdeen, but I've never worn them. These look great and I really like the fit. The combo of suede and the Flex soles makes these things feel like slippers! The suede is a bit shaggier than another pair of suede boots I have from another maker and I dig it. Already wondering if any retailer makes a suede derby shoe on Aberdeen...????
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