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As much as I love spending your money, @BenLeaman, I wouldn't concede to anything on a $1500 boot my man. If you want 202, it's less a waste of money to go at it as a single MTO then to get something you aren't 100% in love with.  Just my .02.
Dude. Who buys boots and doesn't wear them??? 
LMAO. That was good.
8E, huh??? What's the makeup???
Love those brown Oxfords. 
I can't wait for my burgundy makeup!!!   Nice boots, MrV!
You can only get brass shell with brass eyelets @chrisefi 
I don't, no. I am quite pleased with them. 
Beautiful! My wife loves hers as well. Unfortunately I think she has taken up my bad habits and has yet to wear them.
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