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I don't believe you. Prove it. Expiration and security code included.
Hana. Sorry I just assume that everyone here knows the state of color4.
I know. I could have made a profit considering the rarity of Color4.
Sorry, Moosic. I thought you knew that PTBs weren't my thing....
Love the 114060. Congrats Moo!!
I'm not sure how to quantify if it is better than CC. It is just different. I was quite a few examples of it at the trunk show and I really liked it. Pretty sure it is printed Delapre. It is also quite supple.
That is some BS, Moosic. I'm not sure if I would do business there anymore if it was me. Use your credit or push them to get a refund then get out.
Ryden is right. Utah leather would be great, too.
They look great. Just got added to my short list.
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