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Well that didn't take long.
Good Lord. I couldn't bring myself to crease those flawless uppers.
Speaking of....haven't broken these out in a bit.
You don't "pay" for them on an MTO, no, but I think he is saying that if you told StC that you didn't want trees the price of your MTO would drop $130.
That does not look too small at all. Enjoy it!
I need to move closer to Steve! I love reading these posts, but it makes the wait for shipping even harder.
Hey Rog, is the bezel on that Sumo ceramic or is it similar to the polished bezel on the MM?
No, Steve!!!! This is too soon!!!!!Edit. Just noticed it is Cloud Utah. I'm safe after all. Close one.
Probably not. Try to explain why you like chocolate ice cream while someone else likes vanilla.
Haha, good point! I wear my diver when dressed not because it's expensive, but because it's effin' pretty! lmao
New Posts  All Forums: