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Looked blue to me as well. FWIW
Oh damn! Congrats!!
You don't plan to shower with your Galways???
I hear ya, buddy. Shower with a watch???? I would never!! Are you crazy?? haha (actually I do if on vacation)
Mmmmmm. Lightly dressed CXL. Yum!
I don't fish, but I shovel snow in my Galways and dive with my Rolex Submariner.... Am I doing it wrong??
Hey all. Letting go of my last 2 pair of Alden boots.   1. Alden #8 shell cordovan straight tip boot, Grant last, Size 8.5D, model 4060. Double leather sole, all eyes from TheShoeMart. These are a couple years old, but are nowhere near in need of a resole. Just a great pair of boots with some awesome patina. $400 shipped to CONUS   2. Alden x Leffot Greenwich wingtip boot in reverse tobacco chamois, Barrie last, Size 8D. Commando sole, all eyes. I just got these, new,...
Yea... For now....
Apparently they are adopting new policies for U.S. sales. Have not heard exactly what the policy is yet.
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