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I am 8.5 Brannock. You would typically size 1/2 down from US to UK for EG. If you have all those shoes in 8E, I'd be quite surprised if you are 9.5 Brannock.
Nice choice. That is what I have as well. Great makeup.
No watch to match them, huh?
Love those boots, Namor.
I also have all those lasts you listed and in the same sizes. I have a Galway on 64 in 8F. The fit is awesome with a thick sock as that is what I wanted them for. 8.5F would definitely not be ideal for me at least. 8F is perfect.
Someone please post these Thorpe pics so @dddrees can sleep!
It really shouldn't happen with shoes of any age, but if your shoes were like 10 years old it might be more expected. It should not happen with new shoes, no. As far as I know the acrylic finish is purely cosmetic. It shouldn't cause problems other than looking bad. I would bring it up with TSM and see what they say.  These weren't purchased from the seconds list were they??
  Definitely an issue with the acrylic finish. I would see what TSM says. Not sure what their position will be. Alden may refinish them on their dime, but I'm not sure. 
 That is more than likely the acrylic finish that Alden applies to all their shell cordovan. How old are these?
The cavernous volume of the Grant last probably helped, too. 
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