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For an interview? Neither. Sorry.
If the sneaker route...more than likely New Balance. Haha
These are supposed to be midnight blue apparently... I still don't know what is going on in this pic.
Wow. Love the finish of that welt and sole edge. Great boot.
I'm glad your son didn't find humor in my pain...LMAO. Nice boots!
I am an 8D Barrie and I bought an 8.5D Aberdeen. I like the fit of the 8.5D Aberdeen so far. Granted I only slipped them on, for now, but it felt like a good overall fit.
I agree it all you NEED. We just WANT more!
Oh....only slightly, huh????
I would imagine that an eyelet and a speed hook have the same attachment method. I don't see why not. You can convert eyelets to speedhooks...
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