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Wow. Didn't think they came out of the box that shiny! Congrats!
TSM 4060 does not have speedhooks either and is on leather sole. The superior makeup in my opinion. 
Wrong. Snowflake. Nuff said.
TSM Ravello NST boot.
 Done. Ha! Good one. @Steel28 ain't done, yet.
He is being facetious. Yes, #8 and black is a bit easier to come by, but all the shades #8, black, cigar and ravello are still available. For cigar and ravello, you need to call some retailers and get on some lists. It'll be a wait, but it's worth it.  
Congrats, @Steel28 ! What a beautiful boot. I need more.    That pic you took looks like my avatar! haha
It's only an online portal. Only for the different US pricing. I imagine it would cost whatever FedEx shipping cost before.
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