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Congratulations!I really hope I'm able to say that someday.
LMAO. Well it is Omega.....
   Please read his post. He specifically mentioned the Carmina US site.  Edit: Wait....Skoak now has a US site and now everything is more expensive??
A 1/2 size difference from going from wood to resin lasts sounds absolutely ridiculous. Can't be the case.
I pair color8 with pretty much everything except for black, personally. They will 100% work with the jeans you described. 
That's right. Step aside and let the boot guys handle it. 
I'm going to remember that you said that.
Anyone besides mw313 heading to the GG trunk show in Philly tonight? Or maybe tomorrow?
I brought this up about another thread last year and it was changed. I was surprised that Vass hasn't been changed yet. (Footwear) was added, though.
Keep reading.....
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