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Huh...maybe just the Zug?? My F64 are not snug by any stretch of the imagination.
So these are the same size as your 202/82 and they are too snug?I like the F width on these, too. My CC Galways are F width as well.
Now I've seen it. Thanks.
Not sure about that. I can't remember ever seeing the Dover on 82.
I love the Dover on 202. I'm glad I have the DOak on 606, but all Dovers from here on out will be on 202.
I believe you can do the 202 without going top drawer. The rules have changed recently, but I believe you can still do it.
OK. That makes sense. Thanks, buda.
Was there a recent re-stock? I probably would have bought that then decided between my Barrie lasted model and them.
No pressure, right, ddd? haha
I'm quite tempted to be the sixth man on those.
New Posts  All Forums: