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Open! Open! Open!
Dammit, Burzan! I just spent 5 min. Looking for that and you beat me by 30 seconds. I'm posting anyway.Having some fun in the photo lab and hoping for some sunshine!#TheShoeMart #Alden #AldenArmyhttps://instagram.com/p/zk-UaCkcyS/
Now Carmina just needs to reduce their single MTO fee.
Congrats on the Tankers, my man! I hope you are pleased with them.Nice LWB.
Ding Ding
Love those Hallecks! I'm still so torn on the antique edge. It looks so good, but I know I'd rather own dark edge. They look great, NY!
Then ddd, Ryden and I are some unlucky bastards...haha!
I would pick the last you want, first. Then choose the sole. I am equally a fan of the 82 and 202. Ryden's Edwardian looks awesome on 202.I think the HAF might be a little dainty in the waist for a boot on 202. It might work on 82 but I'm still a bit hesitant.
Wow, Watch! Thanks for doing the boots justice! Congrats.
Sorry to hear that, ddd.Ryden and I both feel your pain, though.
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