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Are you trying to make an argument to people on this thread about not having the same style shoe/boot in different leathers??? HahaI hear you though. I think its a great casual boot. I don't wear shell casually so this style would be cool to have to wear with denim. With that being said I am still passing.
I have the 4060 in #8 and that isnt even a consideration when thinking about these, haha. 2 pretty different boots in my opinion.I do have the reverse chamois wingtip coming and that is what is keeping me from these.
1 x Nautilus. Done.
The no advertising of rare shell is dictated by Alden. Not the retailers.
I like it! Well done SKM.
46-48 US? I'm out.
Oh OK. Maybe that pic was just for color and not for last. Thanks, SFTG.
Maybe...hahaIs that loafer that Leaves posted on the MH71? That is a nice looking shape. Isham would look good. What is the Isham traditionally on? If I just google pics, what am I most likely to see?
I like the Isham's extra eyelet over the Hove, but I prefer the Dover over both of them.
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