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Those? Yes!
I'd wear these all day, everyday with denim. As I believe most here would.
Dial looks alright to me. Looks like the normal, usual sunray dial. As I said you'll gain the most info by looking at the numbers engraved between the lugs on the case (or just wait till you get the papers). Edit: Looks like this watch has solid bracelet end links. Does the clasp also have gold running through the middle to match the bracelet?
If the watch is old enough to have lug holes where the bracelet attaches to the case, it would be quite easy to pop off the 12 o'clock side and have a look at the model number. Serial number is on the 6 o'clock side and will let you approximate the age.
I think there may be more than a few people here that can help if you post some pics. There are also quite a few knowledgeable people over on TheRolexForums that could help. If you didn't feel like setting up an account over there, I could help you out. Just let me know.RSC will service the watch, but as Belli said, any non-Rolex parts will be replaced at your cost.
Welcome to the Alden family! I'm sure you'll get many years of enjoyment out of them!Let's see some pics. We love pics, here.
When @BenLeaman texted me the pic he posted of them I almost fell out of my chair.
@Leaves I'm back after a short hiatus...maybe only part time, though. We'll see. 
Maybe because you are only offering $1 in your WTB ad..... LOL 
Yes, I have heard they are a good source as well.
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