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I need something in chameleon.
LOL. Harrogate is a derby, Frilly. C'mon, man!!! hahaha
Damn, ddd! They look ridiculously good! Congrats.
It's a good club to be in!
I could see that... Any other pics of the new round of Leffot Dovers that shipped? I think we only saw one or two....
For sale is my Alden whiskey shell cordovan LWB. Size 8D on the Barrie last. These are about 2 years old. Worn in rotation and have a TON of life left in them as is. Great shade of whiskey.   All I have right now is "fit" pics, but they are all recent. I'll get some decent shots.   $550 shipped to CONUS (United States) only. 
Looking good, Mack! Congrats!
I think the main point is that it's against the rules of the forum to promote sales in the thread.Pricing is up to you. If you sell them for $990 let me know as I'll be selling mine, too!
Checked and my size is gone in Loden. Maybe next time...
Looks like I got in on the Oxblood!
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