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I don't think it's the leather. Construction and quality of construction most likely.
Right?Crap! There I go again!
Tried it. Didn't quite fill the void. YMMV.
^^ I'm surprised I have that many posts in this thread, actually. Easy. I'm on here waaaay more than I should be. But geez...when I see it spelled out like that.... I may need to take a break.
I don't tree my Rancourts, either.
The AltWein can do all of that.
Well there's that...
I think the only thing you are missing is having them in your hands (or on your feet). I don't have a pair, but I know the members that do and I know what they have in their collections. If they gush about them they way they do...they are special. I would like a pair, but my focus is elsewhere at the moment.
Steve said a couple days ago that it was good to go and he'd be in touch with the interested parties.
Haha. I push them in the shoe by the back of the toe part, not by the heel. This way it doesn't cause them to expand. I push the toe all the way forward, then compress the heel portion in the shoe. Makes a world of difference. Give it a try!
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