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I was gonna say that, too. Can't wait to see it. Is it stock or you gotta wait?
Burgundy? 888 last? What shoe?? Congrats!
See above, haha! I use trees in any material shoe. 
Absolutely not. I (we) strongly suggest using trees. 
[[SPOILER]]  Wow, Saz! They look great. A bit on the dark side, but still very nice looking. That is how my #8 Indys looked. Congrats! The only time that any type of "pre-mature delivery" is welcomed!
I personally don't think that the commando sole has any effect on the versatility. I wear both my #8 Tankers on Commando and my straight tip #8 boots on leather to work in a business casual (no denim) environment and they both look equally at home. I would get the style you like the best. As you can tell by my avatar...I love me some tankers!
I agree entirely. I can only imagine those days. 
Thanks, Beebs. 
Hey guys. @thebeebs , @NAMOR, I think... What ever happened to the bronze/black CC Galway makeup? Did that get any traction?       @rydenfan Look away...Just curious... haha!
Haven't you heard??? The "shortage" is over!!  There have been, I feel like, 10 or so exotic Alden makeups either shipped or confirmed in the past couple months. The rest of the manufacturers may catch up, soon. Patience!
New Posts  All Forums: