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Any have any experience with BB Bow Ties?  I'm getting married in June and looking to take advantage of the slight savings of the current BB sale.  Seeking a traditional black bow tie.   I've always found their neck ties to be high quality silk and construction and am assuming their bow ties are similarly classic look/quality. 
Thanks for the feedback. I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet but can't get the suit off my mind. I think I will pop in on lunch break to see if it's still there and go for it.
Another newb here.  In a similiar situation to OP.    I'm getting married at the end of June and am looking to wear midnight blue, SB, peak lapel, no vents, with black satin or grosgrain lapels.  Having done the research it is surprisingly difficult to find what I'm looking for.  Budget is around $1,000.   Of course I tried on a beautiful one at Tom Ford for a mere $5,200.   J-Crew carries midnight blue peak lapel but lapels are on the slim side.    I've...
Beautiful suit. Still available?
It's a 38 regular. I'm 5'10, 160 lbs.
Any other opinions on the khaki TF suit above? Considering going ahead and buying this weekend.
Newbie here - somewhat on topic.  Found the below TF suit at local thrift.  Curious if this falls into "too wide" territory.    I will go back to see if it is there tomorrow though I'm unsure of the jacket length. 
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