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Not looking forward to the day I have to polish these contrast welt-strapped loafers.
Can you post a close up picture? I've had this happen before.  It was when I first started, and I thought the shoe polish color was supposed to rid of scuffs on the first coat.  I ended up putting too much polish, which is likely what you have done.  By now the polish should really have dried up quite significantly, and you may just take a brush to it. The brush takes off much of the product with any use, and may do you good in this situation.  If it IS still gummy I...
Might have no relation, but are you trying to raise a high shine using a dark wax on a light shoe by any chance?  
If it is wax polish, the person above is right.  If you apply the polish evenly it helps to create a nice base, then use water.  Much of what will rub wax polish off is its rough texture in its pre-buffed state.
I use several different methods.  I start out with a paint brush, then I move to a dauber, and I finish off with folded cotton swaps and buff in between each application.  I did not thin the dye on these two, although I will in the future because I can see it making life just a little easier.  If you don't thin, you have to be precise.  Every brush, every rub, every swipe has to be purposeful because the dye sets in heavily.  Once I get good I can see it being a huge...
  I've looked into burnishing before.  I found that wood and metal hand-irons are normally used.  The trick is heat, which is done by friction with the wood, or by holding the iron over an open flame and running it across the leather.  When the leather reaches a certain point, it begins to slick, and the tool begins to glide as the leather is burned or "burnished." It resembles a waxed surface but isn't always.  Though, burnishing wax as well as lacquer are both used at...
Good advice.  I went ahead and gave it a shot tonight. Now giving cirage style patina a try, I can say dye is much easier and more effective as well.  Smoother blending and more consistent coverage are the main benefits.  The cirage patina was very quick though.  A plus if time is an issue.
You, sir, rock    Many thanks!
Here is a pair I just finished.  The pants are actually an oxblood color, so you can imagine the shoes are equally more warm in tone.
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